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Evening Dresses

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Basic tones

Black evening dress--Black gives people the feeling of glamorous, mysterious and elegant, while filling a woman with sexy character.Black is a color with a variety of different cultural significance, black evening dress is simple and subtle, giving the glamorous, mysterious, elegant feelings, not only it gives an elegant, classical, orthodox impression, but also it shows that the sexy character of a woman. Black is the best color to match with clothes.A person who is gorgeous with a black evening dress will become more gorgeous. Just needs a little simple decorations can achieve good results, such as hollow lace on the skirt, the floral embellishment of the fabric, a different kind of shawl can immediately break the black too dignified feeling, can let women become lovely .So black evening dress becomes a timeless classic. Black evening dress will make people who wear it become more unique, if you want to be the center of attention, black evening dress is undoubtedly the best choice. More: Black evening dresses in uk

White evening dress--White evening dress, the temperament of elegant and noble,also signifies the immaculate quality of female.Since Roman times, white symbolizes celebration, just as in China,red symbolizes jubilant. In 1850-1990, the color white is a symbol of prosperity.By the early 20th century, white totally represents purity far more than other colores. Therefore, the color of a dress preferred is usually white,it is a symbol of the bride's beauty and holiness. Whether wedding dress or full dress, white is the main color,becomes the main choice of the wedding dress,the party dress.A white evening dress can reflect noble temperament of a person. More: White evening dresses uk

Red evening dress--Red represents enthusiasm, the red evening dress make women feel more charming. Bright red, will make the whole night burning.No matter what the occasion is, red always is the most eye-catching, a symbol of joy, good fortune, happiness, especially red evening dress is every girl's more essential goods. Pink dress is an ideal choice in spring, especially because you can wear it you feel full of vigor in the light shining. Red range can be more or less, if you like the limelight, then dressed in a red dress is definitely a good choice,you can add ruffles on the red fabric to balance the impact of red,to let people become more soft and sweet . But if you do not want to a lot of exaggeration, a pair of red shoes or a red bag,can add joy to achieve results. More: Red evening dresses uk

Flower pattern evening dress--Flower pattern evening dress declined to single dress up: color to colorful bright, decoration to novel.In the spring of this year's conference can be seen everywhere the evening dress with floral designs. Flower pattern dress is the best carrier because after you wear the dress, it can give a sense of the visual impact of a head to toe. You can also mix a solid color jacket, with brightly colored flower pattern and contrasts, or it can be said to make the eyes of that kind are patterned dress from head to toe with the addition of a visual selection. Printing on clothes flower pattern can be varied.

Green evening dress--green, quietly, the color is not bright, very attractive, and feel calm inside.

Blue evening dress-- Pure blue shows a kind of beautiful, calm, rational and wide, blue is the symbol of eternity.Blue is the coldest color, usually blue reminiscent of the sea, the sky, the water, the universe. Blue evening dress,is elegant and charming, with its unique elegance,which is admired by many Hollywood stars, mature and charming actress wearing a blue sapphire, with a charming figure on the red carpet showing off stunning the audience. Blue evening dress is suitable for the party in any communication, it can make good performance out of your open-minded and calm.

Purple evening dress-- Purple is the color of fantasy, giving the mysterious beauty.Purple evening dress behalf of the noble,noble love the color.Marriage is not only wear a beautiful wedding dress, but also has a perfect full dress, purple evening dress is your best choice..Under the light,purple evening dress can show your perfect figure,under the light shining purple evening dress even bring out your noble and generous, elegant and charming. Wear a distinctive purple evening dress, is bound to become the focus of the audience.Purple dress is the best choice for female personality and sexy! Mored: Purple evening dresses in uk

Burgundy evening dress--Burgundy, it is an elegant red, feel very rosy.

Champagne evening dress--champagne evening dresses are soft and gentle, revealing a hint of sexy and allure in elegance, make someone feels bright in eyes.

Pink evening dress--beautiful pink evening dress is the focus of everyone's attention. Elegant dress, slim body, like a princess from a fairy tale, let people can't look away.

Royal blue evening dress--royal blue evening dress, generous and steady, with a rich, deep, noble and elegant temperament.

Matching hairstyles

When you're wearing a evening dress to a dinner party, you need a pretty hairstyle to match, it'll make you look more attractive, whether your hair is straight hair, curly hair, long hair or short hair, here we pick up several nice dinner hairstyles for you, you can choose one according to your preferences, no matter what kind of evening dress you matching with, I believe that you will be brilliant.

Candy-colored evening dress looks like a fairy, beautiful long curly hair with a retro feeling, lovely princess perm is the highlight of the modelling, dotted with flower hair accessories looks very sweet and cute.

For the bride with round face, a sweet hair with oblique bangs looks so sweet, the rosette embellishment add more sweet feeling, elegant purple evening dress feels very grace.

A very significant sweet styling,a simple long hair perm hair after the decorative hair accessories show sweet and petite,match with the sweet evening dress will build out the gentle.

Strapless evening dress with the color fresh green looks beautiful and aesthete , the simple braid up hair style is a good design in an evening party, lovely headdress are particularly gentle.

Simpleness and elegance are also the importante points in an evening party, this side of fluffy hair is elastic.Fashion hair color embellishment is elegant without losing the atmosphere, the same is also very good with a veil.

This style doesn′t show a woman's gentle, contrasting the fashion side, fluffy hair bud head seems fine and noble. Fashion strapless blue evening dress show fashion and dignified.

Fashion strapless red evening dress with a festive and elegant for a oriental bride, a high bun hairstyle shows high temperament gentle and feminine, is equally charming.


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Maintenance method

Different materials have different characteristics in evening dress, so you must pay attention when do maintenance to your dresses. How to maintenance the dresses according to the material is people want to know about, here to teach you how to maintenance the evening dress.

Maintenance method of silk evening dress

The basic of a good maintenance to silk evening dress is carefully wear. Silk is very strength, plus the outside protection of sericin, so the wear resistance is not bad. But because of the silk fiber is too small, it should avoid any bruising, when it contact with burrs and rough, often make the jump wire of silk caused by injury. In addition, we should notice the mat, rattan chair, wood and other rough objects, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. Silk dresses should be dried under the shade, not the sun or fluorescent lights. Silk dresses should be ironed by medium temperature (130-140 degrees Celsius).
Alkali has a great destruction to silk, be sure to avoid the contact with the substance of alkali. Meanwhile, the harm by salt is also huge. The sweat salt from human body can make the light colored silk appears yellow and red spots, so the summer silk dress need to periodic cleaning, and keep the clean of surface.
When collecting, it should be washed and ironed first, play the role of sterilization pest control. In addition, Wardrobe and suitcase must to keep clean, dry and ventilation. The texture silk dresses is thin, soft and afraid of pressure, and the insect-resist agents must be packaged by cloth, do not contact with silk clothing directly. Silk clothing should not be put in mothballs, otherwise the white will change to yellow. Tussah silk and mulberry silk is unfavorable to put together, because the former will make the latter to change the color.

Maintenance method of chemical fiber evening dress

Chemical fiber evening dress should not be in the sun for a long time, it is easy to aging, brittle and harden, the strength will decrease. It also should be washed and dried before collection, and do not place mothballs or camphor. If blended in wool components you can put a small amount of camphor and wrapped in paper, do not contact with the clothing directly.

Maintenance method of viscose fiber evening dress

The wearability of viscose fiber is poor, easy to fluff and deform, so you need to take the pressure when wearing. Do not hang so long, in order to avoid elongation. It still should washed and dried before collection, and avoid high humidity, high temperature environment.

Maintenance method of acrylic fiber evening dress

Acrylic fabric. Do not insolate in the sun. It should put a damp cloth lining on the clothes when ironing, the temperature control is appropriate to under 150℃ (Acrylic is easy to flood under high temperature). Because of these fabrics are not afraid of insects, so it is no need to put camphor ball when collection, but it should be kept clean and dry, to avoid mildew of viscose fiber.

Maintenance method of vinylon fabric evening dress

Vinylon fabric. Ironing must be carried out in dry, don't spray (easy to make it shrink), pad on a piece of cloth, the temperature should not exceed 110℃. Vinylon fabric should not be baked under high temperature, otherwise easy to make the fabric harden and brittle. This kind of textiles are not afraid of insects, also not easily affected by mould erosion, so it only need to be washed and dried before collection.

Maintenance method of organza evening dress

It comes with glass-like sheen, but easily damaged. It is often used in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and children clothes (children who pull the wedding dresses). Because the fabric cannot be elongated, so it must tailored to fit. If it is too tight, the seams will crack.
When the organza is changed, especially it does not fit, the hole at the joint will be very obvious. Do not rub the fabric, or attempt to remove stains by yourself. Even a small abrasion, can easily be found in the bright surface, there may be separate yarn.
If you're wearing a evening dress, it will limit your activities, when you're stretching or bending, it will easy to damage the fabric. This will make the yarn separation, which under the arm, waist and hip are very prone to. If the organza becomes bent or has the crease, usually in the place of crease will appear white wire. With the method of irons can not solve this problem. You can try to think that these "white wire" is its characteristics.

Maintenance method of fur evening dress

The fur which has been dressed should brush with suitable brush direction along the hair before the collection, to avoid dander and hidden bugs. After the rainy season, it should put a layer of cloth on the fur before put it in the sun, avoid the direct sunlight.
Fur evening dress should be kept in a cool, dry environment, should not let it touch the water or exposed to direct sunlight, moisture fur is easy to hair loss, the wardrobe is best to placed desiccant.
The clothes hanging method, should use a wide shoulder type big hanger to hang fur, do not use wire hangers, avoid the damaged or deformed, leaving enough space, in order to avoid the fluff compressional deformation.
To ensure ventilation, don't use plastic bags, but use cloth bags to package (best to use silk pocket) a fur to separating from the dust.
Do not make the perfume, cosmetics and eruption supplies to contact with fur, because the chemicals in these products contain alcohol, which will make the fur dry.
It is strictly prohibited to refit, do not nail seam any ornaments in the fur, it will be very easy to hook the fur.
Accident treatment, if you accidentally wet fur, just hang the wet fur in a dry place, let it dry naturally, must not be baked by heating or exposure under the sun.
Do not use the ordinary methods to cleaning fur, should be regularly clean in fur shop to keep bright and beautiful.