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What dress to wear to a new year of 2014?


The coming year promises to bring good luck and happiness to those who manage to coax a son of being! What to wear on new year's Eve? What colors will be fashionable next year? Designers have prepared for us options of dresses for new year 's, only to make a choice.

Since the nature of the horse described as aristocratic, restrained, it will find its reflection in outfits — minimalism is welcome. As for colors, then for new year's dresses are such colors as blue, cornflower blue, lilac, purple or Teal.

Choose dress elegant fashion, emphasizing the waist, but without the neckline. buy celebrity dresses For example, elegant decoration, pick up style handbag made of genuine leather size medium-and go to the ball!

But what about the little black dress, which once came up with the inimitable Coco Chanel? It never goes out of fashion, and in this fabulous evening wear it, because the reserved and laconic style is welcomed in the next year.

Dresses in bright colors, fanciful styles will have to clean up the best time: they do not correspond to the temperament of the character, which in the East of the highly respected.

The next element that should pay attention-this is the length of the dress. There are no strict rules. You can appear in costume as knee-length, and that is, to toe. Suits and cocktail.

As for fabrics, it is best to choose soft and light: chiffon, silk, organza and silk soft velour and velvets.

Yes, note, ladies, that there are no sleeves dresses new year, offer us designers to meet the magic of the holiday.

If you follow these tips, new year's Eve you'll look polished and refined, and maybe you will be able to gain the favor of the horse! Modern online shop clothing fashion lover not only offers a wide range of products, but also with the opportunity to try several variations of colors and models.

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