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Wedding Dresses

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    Elegant A-Line Chiffon Strapless Wedding Dresses

    Elegant A-Line Chiffon Strapless Wedding Dresses

    Regular Price: £154.00

    Special Price: £113.00

    tonellaI have ordered this dress and I was a bit worried as I thought it will look very cheap but I was shocked when it arrived!!!! The dress is beautiful!!! The quality of the material, the work, the detail just amazing! Thank you ever soooooo much! I am recommending this site to all my friends! Really amazed by my dress! Thank you!
  • 27
    Unique A-Line Stretch satin Straps Wedding Dresses

    Unique A-Line Stretch satin Straps Wedding Dresses

    Regular Price: £138.00

    Special Price: £101.00

    cassarThe dress is very beautiful, it is so fit to me. Today I finally got my dreamed wedding dress! It is more beautiful than the picture. The beading on it is high quality. I choose tailor made. Just fit like a glove. The customer service is also good. Thank you!
    DiezI got my dress and it is sooooooo pretty the only thing. It fit perfect I did get it too big... I am happy and will be really more happy on my wedding day!!!! :)
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    Unique A-Line Stretch satin One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    Unique A-Line Stretch satin One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    Regular Price: £138.00

    Special Price: £101.00

    fhvI ordered this dress today and I am getting married in next 3 months I am so happy i cannot wait to get it ...thank you for making my dreams come true.
    venustI bought this dress, and it is stunning. and FYI there are silver sequins on the bodice. My Wedding is on a really tight budget, so I decided to take a risk and order this. I even got it tailored to my personal body measurements: it fit like a glove. Buy this dress! You will not be disappointed. : )

Items 1 to 45 of 688 total

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1.What is the wedding dress?
2.A brief introduction of wedding dresses
3.What is the origin of wedding dress?
4.What style of wedding dresses?
5.What kind of fabrics have for making a wedding dress ?
6.What kind of fabric for wedding dress?
7.How to choose wedding dress according to skin color?
8.What is the trick is to choose the wedding dress?
9.How to choose a wedding dress for a fat bride ?
10.What is the mistakes of select the wedding dresses?
11.What accessories have for a wedding dress?
12.How to buy a wedding dress?
13.What is the trend of wedding dress?
14.How to buy a wedding dress online?
15.What is the matching principle of wedding dress?

Jewelries matches

No matter which kind of wedding is going to be held, the wedding dresses and the jewelries should suit the theme and the style of the wedding. The match of wedding dresses and jewelries are not easy for the brides. Now, let’s find out that how to make the matches of wedding dresses and jewelries appropriate.
The western wedding
The pure white color is always the theme color for western wedding, especially for the church wedding, so the white wedding dress is the most solemn choice.
The jewelry, diamond, platinum, crystal, pearl and the other ornaments in sliver-white are the best matches to the white wedding dresses. The matches can be complex and simple, and it all depends on the favor of the brides. The complex ones can express a romantic European decoration style, while the simple one can highlight the modern simple style.
Personalizing wedding
Super short black wedding dresses, sneakers, a scene of the home of Doraemon and lollipop hand-bouquets, all of these must make the wedding fashionable!
You should wear the colorful jewelries at your colorful wedding. You can choose whatever you want if you are a people with your own personality. The colorful gem can best make you to be a little fairy bride. You can also consider the ethnic ornaments, which can help you catch guests’ eyes.
Simple wedding
As for the bride-to-be, who is a member of the office workers, a simple and practical style is a proper choice.
The wedding jewelries should be practical, low-key, classic, comfortable and not easy to fall off, and they can also be worn for a long time in usual days. With the smart designs, the simple type can also highlight the artistic beauty.

DIY beaded belt

Girls like to put some special little decoration on a simple piece of clothing, as clothing embellishment. Wedding dress except with jewelry as a modeling, we also can make your own DIY a beaded belt, you can instantly make your bridal gown chic rosy. Let us have a look at how the DIY beaded belt it!
Materials: beads, decorative three-dimensional letters, grosgrain ribbons, needles, scissors
Step One: Prepare Belt
Grosgrain ribbon selecting the desired length. Each belt is generally 120 cm long, because it can be tied to the waist, but can also be made shorter.
Step two: string beads
Firstly thread a needle, and then pin the beads strung together, think about the style that you like,and then choose a different size beads to make some special tricks.
Step three: tied it to the waist
Wear a belt, the extra length in the back just to tie a pretty bow!
Look! DIY a lovely beaded belt to dress up your wedding dress, is not feeling very interesting?

Bridal nails

Every bride must want to be in their most perfect status to greet the most important moment in her wedding. Today, abbydress is going to share some picture about the beautiful bridal nails, and we hope that they can help you improve your attractiveness.
If you want to be a sweet, cute, romantic and elegant bride, the pink nails are the best choice. With the dreamy white lace patterns drawn on the pink nails, a dreamy and sweet feeling will be created. Meanwhile, with the sweet and cute sweethearts painting on the nails, you will look sweeter. In short, this kind of bridal nails can show the sweet, fashionable and elegant bridal qualities.
Most bridal nails are beautified with the dreamy and pretty color like red and white, but the dark blue nail polish can also make such a romantic and beautiful effect. Matched with the white nail polish, the dark blue nail polish uses its perfect curve to match the nude color polish, so that it can make the fashionable and romantic bridal nails. The dark blue color, which seems like purple, is super elegant, and it can make the bride look more powerful when match with the flashing diamond pieces.
The colorful pieces on the crystal nails would make the nail look glossy and supernormal. Meanwhile, the irregular rhinestones would make your nails look simple, elegant and fashionable. With such colorful pieces and irregular rhinestones, the nails would look low-key but elegant. Because of its simple and exquisite qualities, this style of nails is very suitable to match the pretty white wedding dress.
As the most festival color, red is very suitable to show up on the nails. The eye-catching red nails with the white wedding dress would make a super pretty look. If there are some exquisite and spatial white patterns on the red nails, they would look more exquisite and beautiful. In addition, if there are any diamond pieces on them, the nails would look more romantic and beautiful. Red color with the nude background, this kind of nails would make the bride more romantic and elegant.

Hairstyle matches

Sweet and delicate bride hairstyles and the pure makeup make brides more gentle and beautiful, and obviously these are what every bride wants. In order to make you to be the most beautiful bride in the weddings, here are some recommendations of several beautiful bride hairstyles provided by abbydress.
Casual and sim If you want to be a sweet, cute, romantic and elegant bride, the pink nails are the best choice. With the dreamy white lace patterns drawn on the pink nails, a dreamy and sweet feeling will be created. Meanwhile, with the sweet and cute sweethearts painting on the nails, you will look sweeter. In short, this kind of bridal nails can show the sweet, fashionable and elegant bridal qualities. ple girls must don't prefer too complex bride hairstyles. Therefore, this simple but romantic and beautiful long curly hairstyle is most suitable for such girls. As the fresh non-bangs, semi-tied princess style and the brown hair coloring match together, the aesthetic temperament of the brides would be sensed more obviously.
This simple low-bun bride hairstyle is a little mature, so the mature girls can choose this simple hairstyle. The matches of big bun at the back, no-bangs and fashionable brown hair coloring would make the brides looked nobler.
To make such a noble and vigorous high-bun brides style, the brides doesn’t need to have long hairs because it can be made with the wigs. With the matches of hair hoop and no-bangs, the brides can be more charming.
A very simple bride hairstyle, but it is still the most aesthetic one. The off-center hairstyle will make girls look more elegant. The fashionable brown hair coloring matched with a hair hoop makes the brides look sweet.

Bridal veils

It takes some time to make a perfect bridal look, and choosing a bride veil is an important detail which cannot be ignored. You should choose your veil based on your hairstyles. The followings are some suggestions about fashionable bridal veils provided by us abbydress.
1. White satin edges veils
While a traditional and classic corset lace wedding dress matches with the all while satin edges veil, and with the ornament of small pearls, it would makes the bride look more lively. In addition, the matches of exquisite white veil and the shining elegant diamond necklace would make the bride low-key but also gorgeous and formal with the mysterious feeling under the hazy veil.
2. Short veils
Short veils, which are more suitable to the outdoors weddings, would make the brides younger and lovelier. Slight white veils with the elegant tiaras would make the brides more elegant and gorgeous behind their pure beauty. When the soft cotton veil is flying at the gentle wind, a fashionable and beautiful bride comes into being.
3. Short headpieces
This style of veil is especially suitable for the short hair brides. Short headpieces are usually loved by most brides, as they are easy to match the white wedding dresses and long dresses. And the mysterious beauty would be shown under the hazy veils. In addition, the simple and the simple and exquisite bun would make a neat bridal look, and let the bride more mysterious with the short headpieces.