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Wedding Dresses Sloping shoulder 

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    Elegant, Terse Organza , Satin Wedding Dresses Ivory

    Elegant, Terse Organza , Satin Wedding Dresses Ivory

    Regular Price: £101.20

    Special Price: £73.82

    Kasohello everyone, i order this dress in Jan and arrived at my door a month after or so, customer service was really helpful throughout the processing time. i really love my dress but the skirt is not as big as it is in the photos. thank you Abby Dress.
    SawyerBeautiful dress. Fits great and looks better in person. It also came 5 days early and could not have been a better timing before the wedding. Thank you so much!!
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    Sloping shoulder Retro, Romantic, Terse Wedding Dresses (Lace, Satin, Chapel Train) get pannier for free

    Sloping shoulder Retro, Romantic, Terse Wedding Dresses (Lace, Satin, Chapel Train) get pannier for free

    Regular Price: £87.51

    Special Price: £63.92

    Melody SmithVery elegant, good quality for the price. Size, dress description and photos were just as advertised. Personal opinion, this dress would need a good quality bra / body corset underneath to look like it does in the photos, the dress has little interior sup
    Tamika BondI had a great experience with this company. I needed my dress earlier than the expected date so i wrote to them and not only did it get to me on time but 3 weeks before the promised date, it came in 2 weeks. The dress looks just like the photo the fit was
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    Unique, Elegant Organza , Satin Wedding Dresses Ivory

    Unique, Elegant Organza , Satin Wedding Dresses Ivory

    Regular Price: £97.63

    Special Price: £71.44

    BrittanyThe shipping was faster than expected and the dress fits perfect. I am usually between sizes so I went with a size 10 because I have big hips and thighs and when I put it on it looked amazing and it was not snug at all. thank you!!!
    AlbertoThanks for your processing, the design is so good it is the same as your website showed, I really love my wedding dress, especially for the train, it is just fine for me . Thank you.

11 Item(s)

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When it comes to the selection of wedding gown, you must choose your own one that can not only define your beauty but also cover the shortcomings of your body. Here are some tips to choose the wedding dress for all body types. One of the most important things in selecting wedding dress is to keep looking before you finally reach a favorite one that you find fascination. Because people have different height, figure, curve and style, a same dress might not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is better to refer to a graphic model who is similar to yourself to create a direct-viewing effect. Before selecting a wedding dress, you can search on the Internet or refer to magazine or pictures taken on the other wedding banquets.


Features: short but proportional and cute

Petite brides who keep visual line of her body long give a sense of tenderness. Brides can prolong her visual body line by choosing a classic A-line wedding dress that tightens the chest, or high end white gauze wedding dress with ruffles on the waist. In addition, brides can also choose V-neck low waistline wedding dress to visually lengthen the body line. But to avoid top-heavy feeling, brides should not choose dress with too long or large fluffy. Meanwhile, the rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration, such as large princess sleeves or large lotus leaf, while small French short-sleeved or package rotator cuff are recommended.


Features: too slim and skinny

If you are a typical beautiful lady with skinny figure, then try to avoid looking too thin. I suggest you to try chest tightening and princess style to improve the thin feeling. Upper line should be more changeable, avoid straight lines, but choose a smaller collar neckline or collar neckline or cowl neckline decorated with lace or ribbon or silk flowers. For those designed to strengthen the shoulder style can make you look more energetic. Good choices are shoulder pads, exaggerated Puff and flounced as well as long-sleeved decorated with lace. But try to avoid style such as sexy strapless and low-cut.


Features: full figure

Ladies with large torsos who get back in shape always feel warm and gentle. But if you want to give the impression of slim at the wedding, I suggest you to choose a simple dress with cropped upright. Design on waist and peplum should avoid complication. The most important thing is being simple and to select princess style with fluffy hem. Too exaggerated design is not advisable, because peplum with too much or too large decoration will make the body seem more bloated. On the other hand, it is not advisable to select a high collar style because it will visually make you look shorter. So a low collar, especially V-neck is better, so that we can make the body lines stretched. The most appropriate choice for decorative lace and flowers is thin flat upscale wedding red and blue, avoid heavy decorations.