14 Casinos Near Sihanoukville Beach – Cambodia and Crowded With Visitors

Written on January 8, 2019   By   in Viral News

Many European tourists come to this country to feel one of the seven peculiarities of the world, namely Angkor Wat.

However, in addition to having one of the 7 characteristics of the world, the State of Cambodia is also famous for casino tourism.

Casino-casino in Cambodia has a legal license to carry out its business work. Thailand and Vietnam border the average place of the casino in Cambodia. Therefore, visitors from casino-casino are dominated by residents of Thailand and Vietnam.

As you know, the State of Thailand does not legalize gambling in the country to the extent that its people who enjoy gambling entertainment choose to gamble in other countries. Meanwhile, Vietnam, which has legalized the casino, does not allow its citizens to bet in the country.

In Cambodia, the area that is familiar with casino tours is Sihanoukville, which is in the coastal city of Cambodia. Next, we will discuss 14 casinos at Sihanoukville Cambodia that are familiar and very often visited.

1) Holiday Palace Casino

Located on Victory Beach (Victory Beach) Has More Than 100 Rooms, Lots of Online Video Features. Starbuck Lokal, Indonesian Restaurant, and has a restaurant located on a beautiful stretch of beach. Online Workers and Casino Workers from Indonesia, There Are Many Once There. So we won’t feel a lack of friends when working at Holiday Palace Casino

2) Fortuna Casino

Fortuna Casino Has Hotels That Are Indoor, Lots of Online Chinese Origin Workers Located in the Beautiful Casino Located Near Ocheteaul Beach and Serendipity Beach. If we know the statue of a golden lion, turn right we will find this Fortuna Casino.

3) Kampongson City Casino

Not much different from hotels in Sihanoukville. The hotel offers casino entertainment of choice for all local tourists, especially those from the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. Cheap enough for one night rental in this hotel. Many Bule also come here, even though there is no swimming pool, but an easy and affordable location makes tourists happy to stay here, of course, close to the Lucky Ocean (local supermarket) and night entertainment around the golden lion statue

4) Sokha Casino

Having the Full Name Sokha Vegas Casino, This Big Casino Is an Expansion of Sokha Resort in Sihanoukville Having Beautiful Hotel Rooms Like Angels Down from Khayangan. There are also seafood restaurants on the beach front

5) Bai Mai Resort Casino

Located in the Front Exactly Ocheteaul Beach, This Casino Is Not Available on Google Maps. So We Have To Go There To See How Beautiful This Casino Is Although Buildings Are Old, But Still Comfortable For Visiting

6) Golden Royal Hotel

Located In Front Of Hawaii’s Sihanoukville Beach, This Casino Presents Beautiful Views. Do you know that for office rentals here we have to spend 4000 USD? But it is excellent to make the office because it can load 30 people once, at work, many Chinese origin workers flock to rent at this casino hotel.

7) Lion City Casino

There is nothing special with casinos located in Ocheteaul Beach. Simple buildings become their attraction. The first time we enter we will be presented with online sports betting promo from a local Cambodian website. Looking Inside Is Pretty Lonely When We Go Into This Casino.

8) Diamond Sea Casino

This Is A Heaven and A Second Home For Indonesian Workers, This Casino Accommodates More Than 1000 People Working Here, And 25% Are Indonesian. Development and Development of Office Online Around Casino That Quickly Makes Investors of China and Cambodia Race to Make This Casino the No. 1 in Sihanoukville. Casino located on Victory Hill or the intersection of Sihanoukville entrance is no one playing the casino there. There Are Only Online Workers From Chinese, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

9) Golden Sea Casino

Indeed No Foreigner with Golden Sea Hotels and Casino. Golden Sea Is Also The Best Place In Natural Landscape Beauty and Sea Views. This Casino Is Also The Largest Based Betting Website in Indonesia. If we work in Sihanoukville, you must know.

10) Queenco Casino

Located in front of Victory Beach. This Casino Offers Beautiful Ocean Views, What’s More Now In Queenco Tower. Special Office for Workers and Online Gambling Websites from Various corners of the World. Office Prices Ranging From 3000 – 5000 USD.

11) Golden Island Casino

Located in front of the Exact Golden Sand Hotel and located close to Ocheteul Beach. This Casino used to be Bernama Koh Meah Guesthouse. Office Online Prices Here Are Also Fairly Cheap 2000 USD We Have Got Office Rooms, Electricity and Water Included.

12) The Rich Resort Casino

The casino that is located near Queenco is nothing special because it is a small but luxurious casino. The price of Office is also 1800 USD. But It Is Very Small And Less Comfortable For Working Online

13) Majestic Casino & Hotel

Casino development is quite fast. Most Chinese workers are working here. The primary language is Mandarin as an official conversation at a casino that is adjacent to the Diamond Sea Casino.

14) Shanghai Casino

In September 2015, Sihanoukville Owned the Latest Casino, Shanghai Casino, Located Around the Golden Lion Statue Adjacent to Fortuna Casino. And in front of the Giant Ibis Bus Terminal.