8 List of Real Money Making Online Dice Games

Written on March 13, 2023   By   in Viral News

Dice game is a game that uses dice or datum as a means of determining the numbers that come out. The dice are usually small white cubes with a black dot in the middle representing the numbers 1-6.

Games that use dice have existed for a long time and have been played from generation to generation, from the young to the old. Initially, this game was played on illustrated paper like a game journey map. However, thanks to advances in technology today, the game of dice has gone up a caste.

You can already play this game through your PC and smartphone. And the majority of dice games are easy to play because they are no longer new, especially for the people of Indonesia.

Games that use dice are also generally multiplayer genre. Why is it classified as an Android multiplayer online game?

Because there are at least 2 members in this game. So it is very possible for you to be able to play it with relatives or friends in your spare time. Online games do not have to be played on 1 smartphone or PC. You can play it with friends or relatives even if you are far apart.

Make sure you have an internet network and connect with friends or relatives who will be invited to play. You must think this game that uses dice is a boring game. YOU ARE WRONG!

Currently, some of the online dice games can be played using real money bets, and get real money if you beat other players.

Here are 8 lists of real moneymaking online dice games that are recommended for your online game lovers.

Ludo King Online

The online ludo king game has now become one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia. This one game is very often played anytime and anywhere, and it is not so disturbing activity (including casual games).

Ludo king online game occupies the second position in the Google Play Store application. How to play Ludo online is fairly easy. You and other players simply roll the dice on your PC or smartphone screen. Then choose which pin child you will choose to run first.

And so on, it is done in turns until one player is found who has successfully entered all of his pins into the pagoda.

Snakes and Ladders Game Online

This online multiplayer caterpillar game is also one of the games that you can choose and play with your friends. Just like the online Ludo king game which can be played by 2-4 players.

You just need luck in playing this one game. Because if you get a score that stops at the bottom of the stairs, then you will have the opportunity to go up using the stairs to a higher box. So you have a greater chance of reaching the finish.

Meanwhile, if you get a snake’s head or mouth, your steps will automatically stop and fall down right on the snake’s tail. This is where you will be left behind from other players who have stepped far up.

Game Oglok Online

The next online dice game is Oglok Online. Oglok Online Game is a game that uses 3 dice at the same time which is inserted into a jug as a dice scrambler container.

Dadu Oglok has another name, namely Koprok, and this name is the most well known to the Indonesian people. This online game is mostly played using real money bets. And how to play from Oglok online which tells each player what value comes out.

Monopoly Games Online

This online monopoly game is also very widely played by all circles. Because the way of playing requires players to have assets, such as land, houses, or hotels. And for every full spin and return to the start box, there will be a bonus that can be received from the Monopoly Bank.

There are also money rules you have to follow if you get a violation. If you stop on another player’s land, then you have to make a payment according to the amount of rent.

Online Dice Poker Game

Poker Dice online is a game developed by the online gaming company IDN Live with a combination of poker and dice. Poker Dice uses 5 dice at once and a right triangle board that is used as a launcher when rolling the 5 dice.

Suwit Game

Who does not know the suwit game that was usually played as a child? One of these online dice games can already be played using bets. The dice used in this game are different from the usual dice which contain red or black circles representing numbers 1-6.

The dice used in the Suwit game are illustrated with stones, scissors, paper, thumb, index, and little finger.

Online Sicbo Games

Sicbo is an ancient game originating from China and has mushroomed in Asian countries. The online Sicbo game uses 3 dice at once and a transparent box to hold the dice when thrown.

In this game, you will be invited to guess the numbers that will come out. If your guessed number comes out, then the winner in that round is you.

Dice Dice Game Online

This online dice game is also a game that is under the auspices of the modified IDN Live company.

By using media 1 dice that have point numbers 1 to 6 which have been modified to become gangsing which will be played on a plate. To determine victory or defeat lies in the results of how many dice come out after stopping spinning.

So, those are the 8 lists of real money-making online dice games that you can play on your PC or smartphone. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t miss other information about other online games.