Play Ocean War on Your Android And Get Free Credit

It’s no secret in this era of digital technology, exclusively for those of you who have an Android smartphone, you can use your smartphone to find free credit.

Well this is for you who are fond of playing games on your Android smartphone you can get free credit income just playing games on Android that you have.

Usually you play games only will drain your time and can not do anything about it. But now you can earn money just by playing games. As for games that you can play freely in site like situs judi terpercaya, this is Ocean War, you can get the game software on the google playstore. After downloading the application, don’t you forget to enter the invite code from your partner to get bonus points from Ocean War.

Ocean War Freeplay

How to Play Ocean War Games and Techniques

You need to get the pulses pretty quickly. After you download the Ocean war software, you first enter using a Facebook account so that you can play the game immediately. Or you can also log in using an Android guest account. This ocean war game is the most fun to play. Besides we can be entertained to play this game, you can also get free credits of 25,000 if the points you get are good enough to be exchanged for some pulses.

How to play this game you shoot the fish that you found in this game. If you can’t shoot just for a bit, you won’t get a few points. Every new user of this ocean game have to be able to kill fish. If the messenger ends or goes bankrupt, you can easily get the messenger automatically 3 times a day. If the ocean war messenger ends, we can continue to tomorrow the next day. If you are good at shooting fish in the ocean war, you can get not only a few points in a day. You can immediately exchange pulses of 25,000 with 15,000 points.

To be able to get more points, not a few more you can invite or invite your friends as much as not a little past, the ocean war game link you have. If your friends invite you to use the ocean war game and enter your invitation code then I and you can point, and the colleague you invite will get points too.

For exchange of credit, you must first collect points of minimum 15,000 points, equivalent to 25,000 pulses for all operators. If you already have a fair amount of points, you can immediately exchange with credit. The way to exchange your credit for the gift next to the left corner is a gift article.