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Dice Poker Game Online Real Money Earning

Dice game is a game that uses dice or datum as a means of determining the numbers that come out. The dice are usually small white cubes with a black dot in the middle representing the numbers 1-6.

Games that use dice have existed for a long time and have been played from generation to generation, from the young to the old. Initially, this game was played on illustrated paper as a game journey map. However, thanks to advances in technology today, the game of dice has gone up a caste.

You can already play this game on your PC and smartphone. And the majority of dice games are easy to play because they are no longer new, especially for the people of Indonesia.

And now, some of the online dice games can also be played using real money bets, and get real money if you beat other players. One of them is the online dice poker game.

Poker Dice Online

According to the English dictionary, Dice means dice. A dice poker game is a game that uses dice as the main tool when playing. Poker Dice online is a game developed by the online gaming company IDN Live with a combination of poker and dice.

The combination of poker games and online dice games adds to the excitement when playing this online game.

Dice Dice uses 5 dice at once and a right triangle board that is used as a launcher when rolling the 5 dice. This online dice game can be played by 6-9 players at once.

Dice Bet Type

For you beginners, you may not know the type of dice bet. As explained earlier, poker dice uses 5 dice with a combination of 2 other colors. And on each side of the dice, there are red or black circles with lots of circles 1-6.

This online Poker Dice game provides a 50:50 bet type. The following types of poker dice:


For the Big/Small bet type, you simply guess the five dice that will come out will be of large or small value. No need to bother determining the numbers.


Still the same as big/small, odd/even types are determined from the guesses you make. When playing, you simply give a guess to the dealer whether the value that comes out is odd/even.


The color of the dice depends on what is provided. If the color is red/green, you only guess what color will come out.

How to Play Poker Dice Online

Playing dice poker online is not difficult, because you only guess the possibilities that will come out. For novice players, it will be very easy to follow this game. However, you need to know how to guess this online dice poker game. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • One Pair
    One pair is a way to guess the results of the dice that appear with one pair of twin numbers. For example, 1-1-3-4-6.
  • Two Pair
    Two pair is guessing the dice that comes out with two pairs of twin numbers. For example, 2-2-5-5-1
  • Three of a Kind
    How to guess this one is done with 3 twin numbers. For example, 3-3-3-1-5.
  • Straight
    Guess the numbers without different combinations and colors too. For example, 2-3-4-5-6.
  • Full House
    Full house is the result of a dice guess with a combination of one pair and three of a kind. For example, 2-2-2-4-4
  • Straight
    Straight is a way of guessing poker dice with the result of 5 consecutive dice numbers. For example, 1-2-3-4-5.
  • Four of a Kind
    The next way to guess poker dice is four of a kind, where you have to guess 4 twin dice. For example, 5-5-1-5-5.
  • INC. Straight Flush
    INC. Straight Flus is a way of guessing the dice without a combination, but the colors of the five dice must be the same. For example, red 1-2-3-4-5.
  • Straight Flush
    The next way to guess the online dice is to guess 5 consecutive numbers and have the same color. For example, black 2-3-4-5-6.
  • Flush
    Flush is the result of a dice guess with the same color, but not a straight flush or INC.
  • Five of a Kind
    The last way to guess the online dice poker game is five of a kind. Where the following method requires you to determine 5 twin numbers. For example, 2-2-2-2-2.

That’s the moneymaking online dice poker dice game that you can play on the website below. Hopefully useful and lucky and don’t miss information about other online games at

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Order of Online Poker Card Values

Poker games are no longer a taboo for the Indonesian people. From generation to generation have known and know how to play this game. Poker card games which are identical to betting games are able to attract people’s attention.

Not only fun while playing, the benefits that can be obtained from real money online poker games are also fantastic. When playing with real money, you will also have the opportunity to get a real money that goes directly into your account.

There are now many poker games available on gaming platforms, making it easier for you when you want to play them. Because it is enough to access it by logging into certain game pages/websites via your PC or smartphone.

The rules for playing online poker cards are still the same as the rules for playing classic poker, where you can play with or without money or bets. Because the purpose of playing online poker card games is to have fun and fill spare time.

Although the poker game can be said to be a legendary game, surely there are still some of you who don’t know the order of poker cards to how to play poker cards. You are in the right place because here you will get the information you need.

Online Poker Card Order

Before you step into a real money online poker card game, you must know and understand the order of online poker card values. In the poker game, players compete for the 5 best card sets with the highest value.

These values ​​are determined by the symbols and numbers you have. In general, poker cards are further divided into 13 cards for one symbol, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Therefore, you must know the value of each card in the poker card sequence. Here’s the order:

Spade (shovel)

The spade is the first symbol on a poker card with the shape of a leaf from the tree of life. Which in general has a meaning as the power of darkness that comes from within humans or regarding the seasons, namely spring and autumn.


The next symbol contained in the poker card is the heart card (heart). This card has a meaning as the center of life and the world. The heart symbol on this poker card represents the warm glow of summer and spring.


This type of card hints at the warmth of a beautiful woman’s affection. And the diamond card has the meaning of a luxurious and glamorous life, which adjusts to its shape like a diamond (diamond).

Club (Curly)

Club (curly) is the last poker card symbol, which symbolizes the trefoils (men, loneliness, autumn and windy dark nights).

For the order of online poker card values, as follows.

Royal Flush

The highest value in the game of poker is the Royal Flush. Many poker players are focused on targeting this online poker card value order. The order of the 5 cards, namely 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace with the same card symbol. No need to wait long, if you have the order of the Royal Flush you are automatically declared the main winner.

If there are two players who have the same sequence with different card symbols, the winner is the one with the highest symbol as described previously.

Straight Flush

When you have a sequence of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 for the same symbol, then you are declared to get a Straight Flush. And if two players are found who have the same sequence of online poker cards, the solution is the same as a Royal Flush.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind is a poker card sequence consisting of 4 cards of the same value plus 1 card of a different value. For example, 3, As, As, As, As.

Full House

This online poker card sequence consists of three cards of the same value plus 2 cards of different values. For example, 10, 10, 10, Queen, and Queen.


The order of the Flush is 5 cards of the same symbol with different values. For example, diamond cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Straight is a sequence of card values ​​regardless of the poker card symbol and sequence. For example, 2 (Spade), 3 (Diamond), 4 (Club), 5 (Heart), 6 (Diamond).

Three of Kind

The order of poker card values ​​with no cards of the same value and 2 cards of different values. For example, As, As, As, 4, and 9.

Two Pair

The order of the next poker card values ​​is two pairs. Where the five-card arrangements consist of two pairs of the same card plus one random card. For example, King, King, 10, 10, and 3.


Pair is a sequence of poker cards with the distribution like a pair of cards of the same value as three cards of random value. For example, Queen, Queen, 2, 3, and 4.

High Card

For the order of the poker card values, the last one is the High card, with a card formation that is not in the card sequence described previously. The assessment seen from the high card arrangement is the highest value.

How to Play Poker Cards

Online poker games are relatively easy to play if you already understand the order of online poker card values. You simply combine the five cards that are dealt and see what your card is in the order of the poker card values.

The game will have several rounds leaving one winner with the highest score. If you play with real money bets, then you will be very lucky by winning real money which goes directly to your personal account.

That’s information that can help you when you want to play online poker games. Don’t waste the opportunity, play your poker card game on the website below. Good luck and don’t miss any news about other online games on our site.

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Microgaming Slots Demo Game Guide

Microgaming slot games have been around since 1994 and have been widespread in Indonesia. Microgaming is the oldest slot machine that can be played online. Initially, this Microgaming slot provider provided many casino games, such as slots, poker, bingo, arcade, cards, and others.

Microgaming slots were first released on the Isle of Man and Cape Town, South Africa. The achievements of Microgaming have yielded sweet results. Because Indonesia itself already has hundreds of fans who are still actively playing this one slot game.

Currently, Microgaming slots have provided 750 game themes and more than 1,200 variants of slot games. For those of you newcomers or new members to Microgaming slots, you don’t have to worry about not understanding the language used in this online slot game.

Because the Indonesian Microgaming slot game is here for users who are in the country. You will always be given comfort by Microgaming slot agents when playing. But you still have to be careful when choosing a trusted, best and safest Microgaming slot agent.

There have been many fraudulent modes under the guise of slot game agents. And there have been many victims with great losses. To find out the best, most trusted and safest Microgaming slot agent, it’s easy, namely to see if there are members or members of the slot provider who are still actively playing and making transactions.

If it’s not there, it’s probably a fake account or a scam account. Microgaming slot agents that don’t cheat will provide accurate information on their game pages. In addition, each provider will ensure the security of its members’ personal data.

Microgaming slot games have a fairly high volatility, so every session in this slot game always provides a fairly high RTP value as well. An RTP of 96.74% makes it very easy for you to get extraordinary wins and fantastic jackpot bonuses.

As is well known, all online slot games including Microgaming can be played in two ways. The interesting features provided by the Microgaming slot allow you to play it using and without a deposit.

If you want to make real money profits, you have to play using betting. Make sure you have deposited funds before playing, so you don’t get distracted while playing.

Microgaming Slot Demo

I don’t have capital or funds to make a deposit, can I play?

Many newbies ask questions like this. Don’t worry, as explained earlier that Microgaming slots can be played in two ways. The first method has been told, for the second method, namely the Microgaming demo.

When you really don’t have capital, but want to keep playing in your spare time, Microgaming slot games are available with a demo mode feature. You just need to be connected to the internet network, you can enjoy all the games that Microgaming provides.

If you play Microgaming demo slots, don’t expect to get real money wins and jackpots, because you play without using bets.

So what are the advantages to be had when playing Microgaming demo slots?

When you find a powerful trick to easily win when playing in the Microgaming demo slot, you can use this trick when you already have the capital to play by betting.

There are no useless words in playing slot games, right? You will still feel comfortable and really enjoy it when you are a member of a Microgaming slot.

However, if you are still confused about choosing a Microgaming slot provider, below is a selection of online game providers that also provide Microgaming slots along with the Microgaming demo slot feature. Just click, register (if you are a newbie), you will get a lot of unexpected cashback, and many other interesting things.

That’s the Microgaming demo slot game guide that you definitely need. Hopefully useful and don’t miss information about other online games at.

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How to Play Sicbo to Get a Win

The main objective of the game is to bet on the final result of rolling the dice. Here are five easy steps to play Sic Bo:

Sic bo is an online gambling game that is very easy to learn using dice. You only need to guess the final result of rolling the dice.

We will explain in detail five easy steps to play Sic Bo:

Place a Bet

At the beginning of each game, you must place a bet by placing a chip in one of the betting positions on the table, more details about this can see in the Betting Table section. Don’t forget to make sure your bet amount is in accordance with the betting strategy used.

Set Budget

Although it is quite easy and fun to play, Sic Bo is still a gambling game and you risk losing money. So as a responsible gambler, you have to play smart by setting the amount of funds you want to use to play. Don’t forget to convert them into chips if you play at the casino.

Dealer Shuffles the Dice

After all, players have placed their bets, the dealer will call for ‘No More Bets’ (no more bets are allowed) to ensure that the next phase will start. The dealer will then shuffle the dice using an automatic shuffler. Unlike other dice games, players cannot touch the dice used in Sic Bo.

Dice Shake Results

When the dice finally stop, players can see if they won or not based on the position of the bet they placed. If you play in a casino, the Dealer will usually also announce the results of rolling the dice to the players.

Accept Payouts and Bet Again

If you win, the dealer will usually immediately pay according to the odds of the bet position placed. On the other hand, the dealer will also immediately take all the losing bets.

Up here means one round of Sic Bo game has been completed. Now it’s time to make your next bet and hope luck will smile at you!

Sic Bo Betting Tables

The choice of bets that can be placed in the most important (and fun) part of playing Sic Bo. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to memorize it, because the explanation will usually be posted openly on the game table.

However, at least we’ll take a closer look at each one, so you have all the information you need to become a Sic Bo expert!


The dice in the Big bet selection must total in the range of 11 to 17. This betting position pays out 1:1 odds. One thing to note, is if you place a Big bet and it turns out that the dice produce a Triple (three dice with the same value 444, 555, and 666), then the bet is considered a loser.


The dice in the Big bet selection must total in the range of 11 to 17. This betting position pays out 1:1 odds. One thing to note is if you place a Big bet and it turns out that the dice produce a Triple (three dice with the same value 444, 555, and 666), then the bet is considered a loser.


The dice in the Odd (Odd) betting selection must have an odd number such as 3,5,7,9, and so on. This bet pays out in 1:1 odds. If after the dice is shuffled it produces a Triple (three dice with the same value 111, 333, and 555) then the bet is considered lost.


The dice in the Even bet selection must have an odd number such as 4,6,8,10, and so on. This bet pays out in 1:1 odds. If after the dice are shuffled it produces a Triple (three dice with the same value 222, 444, and 666) then the bet is considered lost.

Any Triple

The three dice in the Any Triple selection must show the same number when shuffled (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666). This bet pays out at 30:1 odds.

Specific Triple

This bet is more specific in choosing the number that will come out (between 1 to 6) on the three dice as a Triple after being shuffled. Generally, the payout for this position has 150:1 odds, but there are casinos that offer up to 180:1 or even 215:1, depending on where you play.


Two of the three dice must show the same number in the Double bet after being shuffled. This bet pays out at odds of 8:1 to 11:1, depending on where you play.


The Sum (Total) bet is made by determining the number that the three dice will produce after being shuffled. Own betting ranges from 4-17 with 3 and 18 excluded (definitely Triple). The payout for this bet varies depending on the total value selected.


Combination betting options, refer to which two specific numbers will appear between the three dice. For example, you bet on Combination 4 and 6, then you will win if two of the three dice shows the numbers 4 and 6. Example: 2, 4, 6 or 4, 3, 6.

The payout on the Combination bet is 6:1, regardless of which combination you choose. Please note that the choice of combinations that can be bet on can be different at each gambling place.


This type of bet bets that a certain number (1-6) will appear on one or more of the three dice. The payout on the Singles bet depends on how many dice show the number you have selected.

For example, if you place Singles on 2, you will be paid 1:1 if one of the three dice shows this number. If it appears on two dice, you are paid 2:1. Then, if it appears on all three dice, you are paid 3:1.

Please remember, for the latter condition will not give you payment for Any Triple or Specific Triple. That’s because this is considered a different betting position.

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The Development of Sic Bo Online from Time to Time

Sic bo dice game, known to some as the Big-Small game, Dai Si or Hi-Lo. There are even some players who call it Tai Sai. This game is played using 3 dice and comes from Ancient China.

Sic Bo is a very popular casino game among gamblers in the Asian region and is commonly played as Dai Siu in Macau casinos. The game is also quite popular in Southeast Asia and is played in the Philippines and Thailand as Hi-Lo (from High Low aka Big-Small).

Sic Bo is thought to have been introduced in the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century and can now be found in most American casinos. In America and Europe, especially England, Sic Bo has come a long way to have new variants called Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.

Thanks to its simple gameplay and easy-to-understand rules, Sic Bo has now become a dice game in casinos that can match the popularity of Craps, which only uses two dice.

Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, most of the well-known online gambling sites now offer an online version of this game.

History and Development

Ancient China Era

The dice game that became the forerunner of Sic Bo is thought to have started a long time ago, and over time underwent changes and developments to become what we know today.

Based on historical records from ancient Chinese texts, a game called Sic Bo existed during the golden age of martial arts in China. In these texts, it is told that Sic Bo is a form of entertainment for relaxation from training and fighting carried out by martial arts experts.

Yes, in the history of the game, Sic Bo was originally told as a means of relaxing for martial arts masters, whose concentration and discipline far exceeded the abilities of ordinary people. Interestingly, in the texts that tell about Sic Bo, no one writes about the game having anything to do with betting activities.

One more thing to note, Sic Bo at that time was not yet played with dice as we know it today, because at that time the dice that had 6 sides in the form of a cube had not yet been created.

So, at that time martial arts experts made dice from various materials, including seashells, small animal bones, and stones. They then carved marks on these objects and used them to play, much like modern players use dice.

Over time, from the special games of elite martial arts experts, Sic Bo slowly began to find its way into the general public. In the end, this game gained mass popularity in China and the wider Asian region.

During its long history, Sic Bo has also gone by a number of different names in different parts of China. Some of them are like Dai Siu which means Dice Bowl, and Tai Sai which means Dice Pair. Although some regions use different names, the gameplay and the rules are the same.

Modern Sic Bo Era

Despite its slightly slow development in the West, the game became very commercially popular in Asia. In the 1960s casinos in Macau started offering Sic Bo live on the main gaming floor, right next to big games like baccarat and roulette. From here Sic Bo quickly became the second highest-earning game in Macau casinos and only lost to baccarat.

The success of Sic Bo in Asia immediately attracted the interest of casinos in Las Vegas. Some of them started to introduce Sic Bo in a special room for gamblers or guests who came from China.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the game really became part of the main floors of casinos in Vegas. Especially when China’s economic growth caused wealthy tourists to flock to Las Vegas.

Sic Bo was so successful that non-Asian gamblers also started to like it, and casinos across America quickly followed the trend.

Meanwhile, in England, Sic Bo did not experience growth as fast as America, because, for some time, this game was categorized as an illegal activity in Queen Elizabeth’s country. It wasn’t until 2002, with the amendments to the Gambling Act, that Sic Bo started to find its place in casinos across the UK.

Today, Sic Bo has grown rapidly from its beginnings as a game for the relaxation of martial arts experts, to become one of the most popular gambling games. Although Sic Bo remains more popular in Asia than elsewhere, that doesn’t mean Sic Bo doesn’t have its own fans in other parts of the world.

The development of the internet and the advent of the online version of Sic Bo has also brought about major changes to all gambling activities. Today, Sic Bo is one of the fastest-growing online gambling games, second only to roulette.

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Types Of Online Casino Games That Promise Big Prize

Currently, many people want to get big profits in online casino gambling games, this is because the number of needs continues to increase so they also require increased finances. And now to get large profits and income quickly is only by playing online casino gambling at Agent. Many people have experienced the benefits of playing online gambling. Things like that are what certainly makes the number of players playing online gambling continue to increase.
There are many popular online gambling games such as gambling games that promise big profits. which in fact the game is a gambling game that is easy to play and also easy to win. Do you also want to play online gambling that promises big profits? If so, here we will discuss online casino gambling games that promise big profits.

Here’s a Promising Online Casino Game With Big Profits

Online casinos have a wide variety of games. Game sensation game that is very exciting. Moreover, the benefits that you can get from this online casino game are very profitable. It is not surprising that nowadays online casino games are very popular with online casino gambling players.


One type of online casino gambling game that is very easy to win is the online baccarat game. Online Baccarat is a game with very simple and easy to understand gameplay and rules. In this game using cards and you must predict the winner of a game by choosing Banker or Player.

Not only is the game rules easy to understand, baccarat is also one of the very simple online casino gambling games. In the sense that it does not take long to place a bet in one round.


The Sicbo Casino Online game also promises big profits and is easy to win. In this game the player must predict the dice that will come out in each shuffle. There are types of 1 dice, 2 dice and 3 dice. Actually this sicbo game is simpler and does not require a special strategy to win the game. It just takes a little trick to guess odd or even numbers.

The key to predicting the dice correctly is to pay attention to how many dice are being used. If you use more than one dice, you should place bets with odd numbers because the odd numbers may come out very large. The sicbo dice gambling game is very easy to win so if you explore betting, you can certainly achieve profits easily.

Dragon Tiger


One type of online casino gambling game that is very good and profitable and comes from Asia is Dragon Tiger. This game is a card game originating from Cambodia. The method of playing is very easy which is one reason why this game is loved by bettors in Southeast Asia. The player only guesses correctly whether the bigger card is in the Dragon or the Tiger. Not only that, players can also bet on “Tie” if they think that both the dragon and tiger have the same number of cards.


Slot games are one of the best casino gambling games that are favorites and can make a fairly large profit. For players, what is interesting about slot games is that there is a jackpot value and the bonuses given are also very satisfying.
Because this game is very easy to understand. By matching the photos that are rotated at the end of the round, if it is successful then you can become the winner and can automatically make your money double easily.


BlackJack is one of the playing card gambling games that are very popular with many bettors both at home and abroad. Many people ask why this game can promise big profits?. A little data, blackjack is a game with easy rules and a relatively short game time. These two aspects are why blackjack is a profitable and favorite online casino gambling game.
With the ease of playing and the terms of play that are easy to understand by players, some of the online casino gambling games above are also easy to win. So, for players who want to make it easier and faster to get benefits from casino games, they can try to place bets on one of the games above.

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Know the Types of Online Roulette Gambling Betting

Roulette is a game that you should not miss when you are in a casino. A very classic and elegant Roulette table makes gambling lovers love to play this game. The name Roulette itself comes from the Italian language which means “little wheel”.

This game where a wheel has numbers 0-36 and each number has a pocket and is red or black. The wheel will be rotated and after that the ball will be thrown in the opposite direction to the spinning wheel.

History of the Development of Roulette Gambling

Initially the Roulette wheel was invented by accident by a scientist named Blaise Pascal. Pascal’s original purpose for making this wheel was to conduct research in the 1700s. After that the Roulette wheel became gambling by the French nobles.

In 1800, appeared a book by Jacques Lablee entitled la roulette, ou le jour. Thanks to this book, the game of Roulette became famous and eventually spread throughout the world. These are the times when the Roulette wheel is global.

Number 0 on the Roulette Wheel

Initially this game was created with numbers 1 – 36. However, over time, this wheel was modified so that there was a number 0. After that, when it developed in America, the Roulette gambling game was modified again so that there was an additional number 00.


This makes players prefer to play Roulette in Europe than in America because the chances of winning are getting smaller thanks to the emergence of the number 00.

Types of Bet in Roulette

One of the other strong reasons this game has become so popular is that it has 11 different types of bets. Bettors have many options for placing bets according to instinct. In the game of Roulette, there are two ways to play whether its outside or inside bets that you can see arranged on the Roulette green table. The following types of bets are available:

Straight Up

This type of bet is an inside bet. The payout offered on this type of bet is also very high, namely 1:35. The way this bet works is when you choose to place only one number from the numbers in Roulette, namely 0 – 36.

Split Up

This type of bet is where you place a bet between two adjacent numbers. For example, you want to place a bet on the numbers 10 & 11, then you only have to place a bet in the middle of the number.

If the Roulette wheel falls between those numbers, then you will get paid 1:17 of the value bet.


This bet is almost the same as the type of split up bet. The difference is that this time you have to place a bet on three adjacent numbers. If you win, you will get paid 1:11.


This time the bet will be placed between 4 adjacent numbers. The trick is to put the chip in the corner where the four numbers meet. If you win this type of bet, you will get paid 1:8.

6 Lines

As the name implies, this type of bet is when you place a bet on six numbers. If you win this bet then you will get paid 1:5


In the Roulette table there are several squares that represent each place on each number. This column type bet will pay out 1:2 if it is won. The percentage of guessing this bet is very high so it is easy to win.


There are 3 packs of dozens of numbers in the Roulette game. Your task is only to choose one of the 3 dozen. If you win, the payout you will get is 1:2.

Red or Black

In the Roulette table there are only two colors, namely red and black. As the name implies, this type of bet you only have to guess whether the wheel will stop at red or black. The probability of winning of this bet type is 50%. If you win in this type of bet then you will be paid 1:1.

Odds or Even

Almost the same as the bet above, this type of bet is that you only have to choose the wheel to stop at an odd or even number. The probability of this odd-even bet is also 50%. If you win in this bet then the payout is 1:1.

Low or High

In this type of bet, all numbers on the Roulette table are divided into two parts, namely small (1-18) or large (19-36). If you want to play this bet, you only have to choose a small or big bet. The payout is 1:1 with a 50% winning percentage.

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Joker123 Slot Online Game by Ice3bet

Slot games have been popular since time immemorial by various casino lovers. Even though in Indonesia itself, slot machines are very difficult to find. Therefore slot machine fans in Indonesia are required to travel abroad to play this one game. With the presence of online slot games today, it makes it easy to play access for slot machine fans without the hassle of traveling abroad. In today’s modern and digital era, online slot games can be easily played from your own home.

In our country today, there are many various sites that offer various types of online slot games, the variations of which are unquestionable. Hundreds, or even thousands of sites continue to grow every day coloring the competition area to be the best in Indonesia. Joker123 Judi Online Uang Asli is one of the favorite online slot games that already has a lot of members. Joker123 and Ice3bet work together and continue to innovate to always provide the best service for members.

Main advantages of Joker123 slot

Why is the Joker123 slot a dream game for online betting fans in Indonesia? Let’s discuss all their advantages.

Data Security

We make sure the list of Joker123 slots is 100% safe and there will be no data leakage to third parties. They have used the latest security system that makes your data unnoticed by anyone.

Playing Comfort

This company already has their own application and has proven its performance. The applications they have are luxuriously designed, have fast performance and don’t eat up your internet quota. Without the hassle of using a computer, you can play comfortably anywhere and anytime.

Most Game Variations

Joker123 has tons of games that won’t bore you. The online slots they offer have different concepts, each of which has its own uniqueness. The number of games they have is more than 100 types, we can try them one by one on the Ice3bet site.

Profitable Jackpot

Without the jackpot slot games are not fun and exciting. Joker123 slot offers a very tantalizing progressive jackpot. Unlike games from other companies that offer unrealistic amounts, they offer a jackpot with a relatively higher percentage and a more realistic amount.

The four points above become Joker123 as one of the kings in Online Slot games defeating their competitors.

Ice3bet will definitely pay your full victory

The advantages they have are supported by Ice3bet’s dedication, which will always pay off whatever jackpot or win you get. Creating a complete combination that everyone would want from an online betting site. Since our inception, all the victories obtained by the members have always been paid in full without exception. This point can also be said to be the mainstay of Ice3bet, because your satisfaction is a matter of pride for us.

Every week we also provide promotions for you loyal members. The promos we provide are of course always different and also have time limits, of course you don’t want to miss it. Don’t forget to always read the terms and conditions before you join the promos on our site. Being a Ice3bet member is always profitable and profitable!

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How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Tips and tricks for playing Dragon Tiger Online are easy to win for beginners.

At first glance, the dragon tiger game only relies on luck in playing. But you should know that if players always rely on luck, they will rarely win bets. Therefore, in this gambling game, dragon tiger must have strategies and tricks to play so that you don’t always rely on luck. Okay, just get on with it if you are already curious to know the tricks to make it easy to win in playing dragon tiger.

how to play dragon tiger online

  1. The first trick in dragon tiger games that you must do is never to place your bet on the TIE. Although the tie bet offers a massive enough win, winning in a tie is very small. It can be seen that in playing, most players place bets on dragons or tigers where there is a huge possibility to get a win, even though what is offered is not too big, but there is a possibility that you will win it.
  2. The second trick in playing dragon tiger is to prepare a large enough capital to play. If you have large enough money, you can take advantage of the odds, which amount to 1: 1. You don’t have to worry about losing with a large starting money because, in a dragon tiger game, the bets will return quickly. But you don’t get complacent in the game because it can make a loss for those who play dragon tiger gambling.

In the dragon tiger game, if you lose, I suggest you have to increase the bet. Like the first example, betting a total of 50,000 and is declared a loser, so that’s where to increase the stake like 100,000. Why did it happen? Because if you lose to install 50,000, then prepare to install the next one with an amount of 100,000, for example. Because installing twice as much if you win, the victory you get will be even more significant and can cover the first defeat.

  1. The third trick in playing dragon tiger that you have to do is, observe before the game starts. After choosing a table, it would be better if you observe before placing a bet. Because in playing dragon tiger often gets consecutive wins, watch the cards that come out. For example, if a dragon card comes out, then keep betting on the dragon.

But if the tiger is out, then I suggest you keep betting on. Because as I have explained, in the game, dragon tiger can get consecutive wins. If you bet that dragon or tiger has won 5 to 6 times, then it’s time to be careful when placing bets. I suggest you choose a different bet or skip the bet if it is not yet convincing to bet.

Those are the three tricks that are in the dragon tiger game so that they can be used to play. You must play this trick if you want to win the bet in play. Because maybe this trick can help in the game, but you have to be patient and relaxed to play so that your concentration is always maintained. Most likely, if you can be patient, you will win the dragon tiger game.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about playing and being interested in winning the dragon tiger game. Hopefully, it’s useful for those of you who are beginners who want to play dragon tiger gambling. If you are interested in playing dragon tiger through an online site, then I suggest choosing a trusted gambling agent first. Because in online gambling games, it is very important that the name of an agent is to determine your victory in playing.

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5 Rich Gambling Gods in the World

Most people get rich from careers and businesses. However, not a few in this world are rich because they are the gods of gambling.

The world of gambling has always been considered controversial, especially for those who live in Indonesia. These activities are prohibited by law in this country.

Come to think of it, and the downsides were enormous. Although winning can generate a lot of money, if you lose, we experience the opposite. Or we could even become suddenly poor because of gambling.

However, that didn’t seem to apply to these five people. Being the god of gambling can bring them abundant wealth.

The Richest site has gathered several people who have succeeded in increasing their coffers of money through gambling. Are you curious to know who? Come see the reviews here:

  1. Bobby Baldwin

bobby baldwin

This poker player is predicted to have a fortune of US $ 15 million or the equivalent of Rp. 217 billion. This man had won the 1978 World Series of Poker Main Event and made the US $ 210,000 after beating Ken Smith, Jesse Alto, and Buck Buchanan.

In 1979, he returned to the same event and earned the US $ 10 thousand from gambling.

Apart from his profession as a gambler, Baldwin is a senior in another company. In 1982, he served as a consultant at the Golden Nugget Casino.

Two years later, he was appointed chairman of the gambling company, until finally MGM Mirage in 2000.

  1. Chris Moneymaker

The name alone is quirky. No wonder he is one of the most famous gambling gods in the world.

The name Chris Bryan Moneymaker, his ancestors, were craftsmen of gold and silver coins. They came from Germany, and because their name was Nurmacher, when they arrived in America, they changed their name to Moneymaker.

The man from Tennessee, United States, is an accounting graduate from the University of Tennessee. He also worked as a financial manager at a well-known company.

His penchant for gambling made him divorce his wife. However, Chris made a fortune from gambling at the World Series of Poker and several other tournaments in 2003.

Reportedly, he has total assets of up to the US $ 16 million or equivalent to Rp 231 billion.

  1. Jonathan Duhamel

jonathan duhamel

This god of gambling with a total wealth of US $ 32 million or Rp. Four hundred sixty-three billion comes from Canada. He is also very young, being born in 1987.

He managed to beat John Racener in the No-Limit Hold’em World Championship and managed to earn the US $ 8.9 million in 2010.

However, a year later, he had an unfortunate incident. His house was robbed, and Duhamel was badly beaten. At that time, he lost his Rolex watch and the money of US $ 150 thousand.

However, he again won the High Roller for One Drop championship with a profit of US $ 3.9 million in 2015. And in High Roller No-Limit Hold’em, he made a profit of 554,395 Euros.

  1. Ray Bitar

United States businessman in the gambling sector who has been arrested by the police several times.

The CEO of Full Tilt Poker has allegedly pocketed a fortune of US $ 40 million or Rp. 579 billion. The gambling company was founded with several colleagues who are none other than the famous poker champions, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

Full Tilt is the second largest online poker gambling site in Uncle Sam’s country, which operated from 2004 to 2011, before being closed by authorities due to a scandal with a bank, money laundering, and illegal gambling.

Bitar is facing 145 years in prison for his activities. It’s scary too!

  1. Nigel Page and Justine Laycock

In 2010, the pair became the richest lottery winners in the UK, winning £ 56 million. Only through the lucky dip at EuroMillions can he be that smart.

Uniquely, after they won the lottery, he immediately started a property development company and started a business there. They also eventually moved into a luxury home after changing their standard of living.

There are five rich gambling gods in the world. Some of them are rich from the game; some are rich from their business.

What do you think about their story? Is it inspiring?

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