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Things You Need to Know Before Playing Online Slots

Since the advent of online slot machines in casinos, online slot games have become very popular. Before you get too excited about signing up for online slot machine games, there are a few things you should know. Every online slot machine game uses a random number generator computer that generates a random sequence every second to ensure that each slot is fair and not fixed. This random number generator is installed in all online casinos and all official slots, ensuring a completely fair gaming experience.

Online slots are not the same as land casinos

The first thing you should know before playing online slots is that these games are not the same as land-based casinos. The rules of the game on the internet are different and therefore there are different payout percentages. Slots at online casinos are constantly being updated and modified to keep up with the latest gaming trends and standards.

Online slots are hard to play

Playing slot machines online is very easy, especially if you have an internet connection and a computer. However, this does not mean that it is an easy task for all players. In fact, many would say that playing slots over the internet is one of the most difficult games to play. This is because of the many possibilities. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different odds available to you for each game.


All online casinos that offer online slot games use what are called reels. It is these reels that actually handle the action in slot games. There are actually several types of reels used in online casinos. The most popular of the slot games is six, which spins on a single reel and results in a total payout of one dollar (or whatever the specific payout rate is).

By paying real money for the reels, you can expect to win at online slots. This is because slot machines are designed in such a way that the chances of hitting the jackpot are generally high. To increase your chances of winning, you must know how to identify the reels that have the highest payouts.

In general, the reels that pay the most include three, five, seven, and ten. All these numbers have a mathematical relationship in the slot game and when they appear together, they will determine the payout. For example, if the jackpot prize is worth ten dollars at a time, then you will know that there are at least three prospects who will give you a payout of at least ten dollars each.

Each roll provides a different payout

If you really want to play online slots, you need to know that each reel has a different payout. This is because land-based casinos usually place higher payouts on their slots because they have less competition in the slots. Land-based casinos also have less competition on their machines as all the slot games are operated within the same facility. In online casinos, all the slot machines are spread over various websites. Therefore, the slots that offer the highest payouts are always located closer to the player than the slots with the lower payouts.

To determine payouts on online slots, you have to consider the payout percentage. The payout percentage basically takes into account how much the slot machine pays out after all its spins. This is a simple concept and basically states that the more often a slot pays out a certain amount of money, the more often it pays out a certain amount of money. The more frequent the payments, the higher the payout percentage. However, some land-based casinos limit the payout percentages they allow to remain consistent due to concerns that some users will become too dependent on them and start playing for real money.

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How to Play Sicbo to Get a Win

The main objective of the game is to bet on the final result of rolling the dice. Here are five easy steps to play Sic Bo:

Sic bo is an online gambling game that is very easy to learn using dice. You only need to guess the final result of rolling the dice.

We will explain in detail five easy steps to play Sic Bo:

Place a Bet

At the beginning of each game, you must place a bet by placing a chip in one of the betting positions on the table, more details about this can see in the Betting Table section. Don’t forget to make sure your bet amount is in accordance with the betting strategy used.

Set Budget

Although it is quite easy and fun to play, Sic Bo is still a gambling game and you risk losing money. So as a responsible gambler, you have to play smart by setting the amount of funds you want to use to play. Don’t forget to convert them into chips if you play at the casino.

Dealer Shuffles the Dice

After all, players have placed their bets, the dealer will call for ‘No More Bets’ (no more bets are allowed) to ensure that the next phase will start. The dealer will then shuffle the dice using an automatic shuffler. Unlike other dice games, players cannot touch the dice used in Sic Bo.

Dice Shake Results

When the dice finally stop, players can see if they won or not based on the position of the bet they placed. If you play in a casino, the Dealer will usually also announce the results of rolling the dice to the players.

Accept Payouts and Bet Again

If you win, the dealer will usually immediately pay according to the odds of the bet position placed. On the other hand, the dealer will also immediately take all the losing bets.

Up here means one round of Sic Bo game has been completed. Now it’s time to make your next bet and hope luck will smile at you!

Sic Bo Betting Tables

The choice of bets that can be placed in the most important (and fun) part of playing Sic Bo. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to memorize it, because the explanation will usually be posted openly on the game table.

However, at least we’ll take a closer look at each one, so you have all the information you need to become a Sic Bo expert!


The dice in the Big bet selection must total in the range of 11 to 17. This betting position pays out 1:1 odds. One thing to note, is if you place a Big bet and it turns out that the dice produce a Triple (three dice with the same value 444, 555, and 666), then the bet is considered a loser.


The dice in the Big bet selection must total in the range of 11 to 17. This betting position pays out 1:1 odds. One thing to note is if you place a Big bet and it turns out that the dice produce a Triple (three dice with the same value 444, 555, and 666), then the bet is considered a loser.


The dice in the Odd (Odd) betting selection must have an odd number such as 3,5,7,9, and so on. This bet pays out in 1:1 odds. If after the dice is shuffled it produces a Triple (three dice with the same value 111, 333, and 555) then the bet is considered lost.


The dice in the Even bet selection must have an odd number such as 4,6,8,10, and so on. This bet pays out in 1:1 odds. If after the dice are shuffled it produces a Triple (three dice with the same value 222, 444, and 666) then the bet is considered lost.

Any Triple

The three dice in the Any Triple selection must show the same number when shuffled (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666). This bet pays out at 30:1 odds.

Specific Triple

This bet is more specific in choosing the number that will come out (between 1 to 6) on the three dice as a Triple after being shuffled. Generally, the payout for this position has 150:1 odds, but there are casinos that offer up to 180:1 or even 215:1, depending on where you play.


Two of the three dice must show the same number in the Double bet after being shuffled. This bet pays out at odds of 8:1 to 11:1, depending on where you play.


The Sum (Total) bet is made by determining the number that the three dice will produce after being shuffled. Own betting ranges from 4-17 with 3 and 18 excluded (definitely Triple). The payout for this bet varies depending on the total value selected.


Combination betting options, refer to which two specific numbers will appear between the three dice. For example, you bet on Combination 4 and 6, then you will win if two of the three dice shows the numbers 4 and 6. Example: 2, 4, 6 or 4, 3, 6.

The payout on the Combination bet is 6:1, regardless of which combination you choose. Please note that the choice of combinations that can be bet on can be different at each gambling place.


This type of bet bets that a certain number (1-6) will appear on one or more of the three dice. The payout on the Singles bet depends on how many dice show the number you have selected.

For example, if you place Singles on 2, you will be paid 1:1 if one of the three dice shows this number. If it appears on two dice, you are paid 2:1. Then, if it appears on all three dice, you are paid 3:1.

Please remember, for the latter condition will not give you payment for Any Triple or Specific Triple. That’s because this is considered a different betting position.

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Joker123 Slot Online Game by Ice3bet

Slot games have been popular since time immemorial by various casino lovers. Even though in Indonesia itself, slot machines are very difficult to find. Therefore slot machine fans in Indonesia are required to travel abroad to play this one game. With the presence of online slot games today, it makes it easy to play access for slot machine fans without the hassle of traveling abroad. In today’s modern and digital era, online slot games can be easily played from your own home.

In our country today, there are many various sites that offer various types of online slot games, the variations of which are unquestionable. Hundreds, or even thousands of sites continue to grow every day coloring the competition area to be the best in Indonesia. Joker123 Judi Online Uang Asli is one of the favorite online slot games that already has a lot of members. Joker123 and Ice3bet work together and continue to innovate to always provide the best service for members.

Main advantages of Joker123 slot

Why is the Joker123 slot a dream game for online betting fans in Indonesia? Let’s discuss all their advantages.

Data Security

We make sure the list of Joker123 slots is 100% safe and there will be no data leakage to third parties. They have used the latest security system that makes your data unnoticed by anyone.

Playing Comfort

This company already has their own application and has proven its performance. The applications they have are luxuriously designed, have fast performance and don’t eat up your internet quota. Without the hassle of using a computer, you can play comfortably anywhere and anytime.

Most Game Variations

Joker123 has tons of games that won’t bore you. The online slots they offer have different concepts, each of which has its own uniqueness. The number of games they have is more than 100 types, we can try them one by one on the Ice3bet site.

Profitable Jackpot

Without the jackpot slot games are not fun and exciting. Joker123 slot offers a very tantalizing progressive jackpot. Unlike games from other companies that offer unrealistic amounts, they offer a jackpot with a relatively higher percentage and a more realistic amount.

The four points above become Joker123 as one of the kings in Online Slot games defeating their competitors.

Ice3bet will definitely pay your full victory

The advantages they have are supported by Ice3bet’s dedication, which will always pay off whatever jackpot or win you get. Creating a complete combination that everyone would want from an online betting site. Since our inception, all the victories obtained by the members have always been paid in full without exception. This point can also be said to be the mainstay of Ice3bet, because your satisfaction is a matter of pride for us.

Every week we also provide promotions for you loyal members. The promos we provide are of course always different and also have time limits, of course you don’t want to miss it. Don’t forget to always read the terms and conditions before you join the promos on our site. Being a Ice3bet member is always profitable and profitable!

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How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Tips and tricks for playing Dragon Tiger Online are easy to win for beginners.

At first glance, the dragon tiger game only relies on luck in playing. But you should know that if players always rely on luck, they will rarely win bets. Therefore, in this gambling game, dragon tiger must have strategies and tricks to play so that you don’t always rely on luck. Okay, just get on with it if you are already curious to know the tricks to make it easy to win in playing dragon tiger.

how to play dragon tiger online

  1. The first trick in dragon tiger games that you must do is never to place your bet on the TIE. Although the tie bet offers a massive enough win, winning in a tie is very small. It can be seen that in playing, most players place bets on dragons or tigers where there is a huge possibility to get a win, even though what is offered is not too big, but there is a possibility that you will win it.
  2. The second trick in playing dragon tiger is to prepare a large enough capital to play. If you have large enough money, you can take advantage of the odds, which amount to 1: 1. You don’t have to worry about losing with a large starting money because, in a dragon tiger game, the bets will return quickly. But you don’t get complacent in the game because it can make a loss for those who play dragon tiger gambling.

In the dragon tiger game, if you lose, I suggest you have to increase the bet. Like the first example, betting a total of 50,000 and is declared a loser, so that’s where to increase the stake like 100,000. Why did it happen? Because if you lose to install 50,000, then prepare to install the next one with an amount of 100,000, for example. Because installing twice as much if you win, the victory you get will be even more significant and can cover the first defeat.

  1. The third trick in playing dragon tiger that you have to do is, observe before the game starts. After choosing a table, it would be better if you observe before placing a bet. Because in playing dragon tiger often gets consecutive wins, watch the cards that come out. For example, if a dragon card comes out, then keep betting on the dragon.

But if the tiger is out, then I suggest you keep betting on. Because as I have explained, in the game, dragon tiger can get consecutive wins. If you bet that dragon or tiger has won 5 to 6 times, then it’s time to be careful when placing bets. I suggest you choose a different bet or skip the bet if it is not yet convincing to bet.

Those are the three tricks that are in the dragon tiger game so that they can be used to play. You must play this trick if you want to win the bet in play. Because maybe this trick can help in the game, but you have to be patient and relaxed to play so that your concentration is always maintained. Most likely, if you can be patient, you will win the dragon tiger game.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about playing and being interested in winning the dragon tiger game. Hopefully, it’s useful for those of you who are beginners who want to play dragon tiger gambling. If you are interested in playing dragon tiger through an online site, then I suggest choosing a trusted gambling agent first. Because in online gambling games, it is very important that the name of an agent is to determine your victory in playing.

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How to Play Bandar Ceme Online

Gambling lovers may already be familiar with hearing about the online game Ceme which is very popular in Indonesia. The Ceme game is very much in demand by some people in Indonesia because the way to play it is relatively simple. But unfortunately, some of our brothers don’t understand the online Ceme game, one of which is how to calculate the value of the cards received by players. Therefore, my presence here will provide a little guidance on calculating the cards’ value in the online Ceme game.

how to play bandar ceme online

How to calculate card values ​​in the ceme dealer game is actually very easy and simple. Because players only need to see the circles on the cards that have been received. Then combine it so that it becomes the highest value, which is 9. Basically, the player will get two cards each that will compete against the dealer value, where the highest value is 9 or 19. I will explain the calculation of card values ​​in the following online ceme dealer game.

In the ceme dealer game, the player will get two cards, which will be combined into the highest value as an example. If the player gets a card worth 3/0 + 2/2 = 7, then the player will only score 7. However, players must know beforehand that the highest score in the dealer game is nine or QIU. If the value exceeds 9, then the back number will be taken as an example. Players get two cards with a circle of 4/4 + 4/2 = 14, then the value obtained is only 4.

Likewise, if the player gets two cards that exceed the number 19, the value will be taken from the back number as an example. If the player gets two cards with the number of circles, 6/6 + 5/6 = 23, then it is certain that the value exceeds 19 and will be taken behind it, namely 3.Basically, the calculation of the card value in the girl’s bookie game is very easy because players only get two cards only. Unlike the domino game QIU QIU which gets four cards.

And in the city ceme game, at least two people play and a maximum of 8 players where there must be one player who becomes a dealer in the game. Because if no one becomes a dealer, the game cannot start. According to the rules, the player must compete for the value of his card with that of the dealer to determine victory.

If the player’s value is greater than the dealer, then the player has the right to withdraw the winnings on the table as an example. The player gets 8, and the dealer gets 6, then it is certain that the player gets the victory. And vice versa, if the dealer value is greater than the player, the dealer has the right to withdraw all player bets. If the value of the dealer and player cards have the same or equal value, the dealer has the right to withdraw the bet because that’s one of the advantages of being a dealer in the Ceme game.

So it is not wrong if the dealer ceme game is very much in demand by the people of Indonesia because the method is very simple. And it has proved very easy in getting the win. However, to become a dealer, the player must meet the chip requirements that must be fulfilled.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about how to calculate card values ​​in the Ceme dealer game. Hopefully, this is useful and helps beginner bettors who want to try online Ceme dealer games. But I suggest looking for an official and trusted agent so you can play safely and comfortably.

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How to Play Online Lottery in Agen Togel for Beginners

In the following guide, we will explain how to play the online lottery for beginners. As you know, lottery gambling itself has been played for a long time ago, and there have been many enthusiasts of various ages.

To be able to play the lottery itself, we don’t need to explain anymore, because the basis of this game is guessing or arranging 4 numbers into 1 part which will later be equated with the output of trusted online gambling bookies.

Basically, there are several outputs from the lottery bookies, such as Singapore, Hong Kong to Sydney, where what makes the difference is different from the output day.

Best Agen Togel Site for Beginners, Only in Tototaxi

With the advancement of technology in the current era, lottery games can already be enjoyed easily and comfortably, because the players can play them directly only using a smartphone. If you are interested in playing the online version, you can try the best online lottery. Let’s begin to try it, the more you bet on it, the bigger the winning chances you will get.

How to Play Online Togel for Beginners

For beginners who are new to online poker, it’s a good idea to read some of the explanations that we will present in this discussion. Online lottery games themselves test the level of prediction and the clarity of the players in each compiling numbers into one part.

To play the lottery, actually, the players do not need to spend a large capital to bet on each type of bet because only a small capital can win hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

In the following we will explain several types of bets in how to play lottery online which is often played by lovers of dark lotto or lottery:

1. 4D, 3D, and 2D guesses. Maybe for the choice of this lottery type, many people already know it because the players are only faced with choosing guesses of 4 digits, 3 digits, or 2 digits only.

For example, the online gambling lottery dealer issued a number 6129 on today’s output. If there are players who put on the choice of 3D at 129, 2D for 29, and 4D the same as the output of the city, then the player is entitled to get the winning points according to their respective bets.

2. Free Plug in the world of online gambling lottery itself is fairly easy because the players only need to guess just one number among the 4 numbers released today.

3. Accurate Plug, the right to the following types of bets, may be a little confusing for beginners who want to try to play because beginners will be faced with the choice of guessing numbers at a certain position.

For example: If the player chooses number 6 in the US position, it must be the same as the output of the bookie lottery day of 6905.

A. The US as 6

B. Headers as 9

C. Head as 0

D. Tail as 5

4. Plug the Dragon is still one of the choices in how to play lottery online, maybe for some beginners are still unfamiliar with this type of guess. Usually this type of dragon plug is often associated with guesses of 3D or 3 digit numbers, but there is a slight difference in the process of guessing the numbers.

Where in the dragon plug itself is free to guess 3 numbers at any position, such as choosing numbers 3, 8, 1, and the output from the dealer is 3831 then the player will be declared victorious.

5. The next type of bet is to plug Macau to find out how to play. The players only need to choose 2 numbers to get their win points and be free in any position.

If the beginners already understand the type of betting and already have accurate number predictions like our explanation above, then they can immediately give predictions as well as your betting into the online lottery gambling.

PS: A little leak that we will share on how to play the lottery online. The players do not feel worried about the problem if they experience defeat, each party of the lottery gamblers always prepares a discount or discount in accordance with the players’ bet.

Maybe this is all we can share about how to play lottery online to beginners who want to try their luck in the process of compiling this unique combination number. Thank you for giving us confidence in being able to always provide the best reviews or summaries to the bettors in Asia.

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Top Ten Tips for Texas Hold’em Newbies, Rise To The gods Level

Ten errors committed by Texas Hold’em beginners can easily be done, around you struggling to avoid the following mistakes, you will soon be a winner!
First, in the absence of stability, never with ALL IN whole people.

Second, in the absence of stability, it is not easy to write the All-in. Cards are very critical and stable this does not rarely appear, so not a little chance there for you. Not infrequently times stable, but when there is a large hand in hand, it is most difficult to create a complete decision after careful analysis and evaluation. Skill is mainly painted in this aspect, especially considering the opponents’ predominance and psychology when pressed.

Third, performance should not be too weak and there should be no virtue. Weak performance makes it easier for people to kidnap chickens.

Fourth, in a certain atmosphere, you can steal a chicken. If we never kidnap chickens, it does not matter, it’s a shame we can kidnap the stolen card without steal it. This is the art of kidnapping chickens, we can not kidnap chickens because of your insistence, People will follow them impulsively.

Fifth, All-in is the largest. When you find a stable card, it will be an All-in in not a few cases. Only when the card is a small person, alleged that they will not be able to follow. Only when they are not All-in, whether they can increase or minimize the number of chips they can get, because the whole family runs away and we can not get more. The grandchild wrote that all the soldiers were also blasphemous and could not show it. When someone adds an extra meter and then adds, the will to win the most strongly, we have a stable and “no add” card to lure a different person to the next level, which is the highest state of Texas Hold’em.

Sixth, when there is a small card, it is best to give up. In so many cases, follow, it’s just not much more.

Seventh, the calm of the mind should be, at the close of the hand to close. In the event of a defeat, we can not lose your sanity. Successive losses occur more than ten times, sometimes losing one night. Do not be impulsive and do not get discouraged in difficulty. Observing our own mentality and becoming our own psychiatrist is the only technique for improving your skills quickly. It is important to learn to summarize, how do you behave? What is the loss mentality? The state of mind will tell us everything.

8. When you chase the coolest opponent, it’s better not to play and pursue others to play unless you are the quietest player.

In nine or four players, we better not have the lowest pile. The chip itself is a kind of urgency When we start playing, we are in a weak position, this should be avoided as much as possible. Only when calm and relaxed without any worries, we can make rational analysis and evaluation.

Ten, really can not expend the whole chip to play. This is very important. we can put the chip in our account and use 5% or 20% to play. Should not exceed 20 percent, if not high risk. After losing the light recently, you can not play again anymore. In so many cases, we will pursue powerful and emotional emotions. Then we lose light quickly. Then we immediately picked up the chip and immediately lost.

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