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Why Online Casino Games Remain So Popular

Casino Games

In recent years, the digital landscape has seen a tremendous surge in the popularity of online casino games. From card games like Poker and Blackjack to slots and live dealer games, online casinos have effectively captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. What drives this unabated interest? This article delves into the reasons behind the enduring popularity of online casino games.


In the digital age, convenience is paramount. Players no longer need to travel to physical casinos, dress up, or adjust to the operational hours of traditional casinos. Online platforms allow players to engage in their favorite casino games anytime, anywhere, with just a click.


Online casinos offer a vast array of games, often far surpassing what a traditional casino could offer. Players can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of game variations, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, from the novice to the seasoned pro.

Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

Online platforms often entice players with lucrative bonuses, free spins, and promotional offers. This not only stretches the player’s bankroll but also adds an element of excitement to the gaming experience.

Innovation and Technology

The rapid advancement in technology allows game developers to create more immersive and visually stunning game experiences. Live dealer games, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) casino games are examples of how technology has transformed the online gaming experience.


With advancements in cybersecurity, many reputable online casinos now offer secure environments for players. Encrypted connections, strict privacy policies, and third-party audits ensure players can trust the platform with their data and money.

Social Interaction

While physical casinos offer face-to-face interaction, online casinos are not far behind. Many platforms now offer live chat, leaderboards, and multiplayer games where individuals can interact, compete, and socialize.

Flexibility in Betting

Online platforms often allow for a wider range of betting options, catering to both high rollers and those who prefer minimal stakes. This inclusivity makes the gaming experience approachable for all.


The online nature of these games means they can quickly adapt to trends, cultural events, and player feedback. Seasonal games, themed slots, and special event promotions can be developed and rolled out swiftly.

Global Reach

Online casinos are not bound by geography. Players from various parts of the world can play against each other, introducing a cross-cultural experience and a sense of global camaraderie.

Education and Practice

Many online platforms offer free versions of their games, enabling players to learn and practice without the risk of losing money. This educational feature makes online casinos a great starting point for beginners.

In conclusion, the allure of online casino games is multifaceted. While traditional casinos will always have their place, the convenience, diversity, and innovative nature of online platforms make them a compelling choice for modern players. As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect the world of online casino gaming to expand and captivate even more enthusiasts worldwide.

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8 List of Real Money Making Online Dice Games

Dice game is a game that uses dice or datum as a means of determining the numbers that come out. The dice are usually small white cubes with a black dot in the middle representing the numbers 1-6.

Games that use dice have existed for a long time and have been played from generation to generation, from the young to the old. Initially, this game was played on illustrated paper like a game journey map. However, thanks to advances in technology today, the game of dice has gone up a caste.

You can already play this game through your PC and smartphone. And the majority of dice games are easy to play because they are no longer new, especially for the people of Indonesia.

Games that use dice are also generally multiplayer genre. Why is it classified as an Android multiplayer online game?

Because there are at least 2 members in this game. So it is very possible for you to be able to play it with relatives or friends in your spare time. Online games do not have to be played on 1 smartphone or PC. You can play it with friends or relatives even if you are far apart.

Make sure you have an internet network and connect with friends or relatives who will be invited to play. You must think this game that uses dice is a boring game. YOU ARE WRONG!

Currently, some of the online dice games can be played using real money bets, and get real money if you beat other players.

Here are 8 lists of real moneymaking online dice games that are recommended for your online game lovers.

Ludo King Online

The online ludo king game has now become one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia. This one game is very often played anytime and anywhere, and it is not so disturbing activity (including casual games).

Ludo king online game occupies the second position in the Google Play Store application. How to play Ludo online is fairly easy. You and other players simply roll the dice on your PC or smartphone screen. Then choose which pin child you will choose to run first.

And so on, it is done in turns until one player is found who has successfully entered all of his pins into the pagoda.

Snakes and Ladders Game Online

This online multiplayer caterpillar game is also one of the games that you can choose and play with your friends. Just like the online Ludo king game which can be played by 2-4 players.

You just need luck in playing this one game. Because if you get a score that stops at the bottom of the stairs, then you will have the opportunity to go up using the stairs to a higher box. So you have a greater chance of reaching the finish.

Meanwhile, if you get a snake’s head or mouth, your steps will automatically stop and fall down right on the snake’s tail. This is where you will be left behind from other players who have stepped far up.

Game Oglok Online

The next online dice game is Oglok Online. Oglok Online Game is a game that uses 3 dice at the same time which is inserted into a jug as a dice scrambler container.

Dadu Oglok has another name, namely Koprok, and this name is the most well known to the Indonesian people. This online game is mostly played using real money bets. And how to play from Oglok online which tells each player what value comes out.

Monopoly Games Online

This online monopoly game is also very widely played by all circles. Because the way of playing requires players to have assets, such as land, houses, or hotels. And for every full spin and return to the start box, there will be a bonus that can be received from the Monopoly Bank.

There are also money rules you have to follow if you get a violation. If you stop on another player’s land, then you have to make a payment according to the amount of rent.

Online Dice Poker Game

Poker Dice online is a game developed by the online gaming company IDN Live with a combination of poker and dice. Poker Dice uses 5 dice at once and a right triangle board that is used as a launcher when rolling the 5 dice.

Suwit Game

Who does not know the suwit game that was usually played as a child? One of these online dice games can already be played using bets. The dice used in this game are different from the usual dice which contain red or black circles representing numbers 1-6.

The dice used in the Suwit game are illustrated with stones, scissors, paper, thumb, index, and little finger.

Online Sicbo Games

Sicbo is an ancient game originating from China and has mushroomed in Asian countries. The online Sicbo game uses 3 dice at once and a transparent box to hold the dice when thrown.

In this game, you will be invited to guess the numbers that will come out. If your guessed number comes out, then the winner in that round is you.

Dice Dice Game Online

This online dice game is also a game that is under the auspices of the modified IDN Live company.

By using media 1 dice that have point numbers 1 to 6 which have been modified to become gangsing which will be played on a plate. To determine victory or defeat lies in the results of how many dice come out after stopping spinning.

So, those are the 8 lists of real money-making online dice games that you can play on your PC or smartphone. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t miss other information about other online games.

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The Development of Sic Bo Online from Time to Time

Sic bo dice game, known to some as the Big-Small game, Dai Si or Hi-Lo. There are even some players who call it Tai Sai. This game is played using 3 dice and comes from Ancient China.

Sic Bo is a very popular casino game among gamblers in the Asian region and is commonly played as Dai Siu in Macau casinos. The game is also quite popular in Southeast Asia and is played in the Philippines and Thailand as Hi-Lo (from High Low aka Big-Small).

Sic Bo is thought to have been introduced in the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century and can now be found in most American casinos. In America and Europe, especially England, Sic Bo has come a long way to have new variants called Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.

Thanks to its simple gameplay and easy-to-understand rules, Sic Bo has now become a dice game in casinos that can match the popularity of Craps, which only uses two dice.

Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, most of the well-known online gambling sites now offer an online version of this game.

History and Development

Ancient China Era

The dice game that became the forerunner of Sic Bo is thought to have started a long time ago, and over time underwent changes and developments to become what we know today.

Based on historical records from ancient Chinese texts, a game called Sic Bo existed during the golden age of martial arts in China. In these texts, it is told that Sic Bo is a form of entertainment for relaxation from training and fighting carried out by martial arts experts.

Yes, in the history of the game, Sic Bo was originally told as a means of relaxing for martial arts masters, whose concentration and discipline far exceeded the abilities of ordinary people. Interestingly, in the texts that tell about Sic Bo, no one writes about the game having anything to do with betting activities.

One more thing to note, Sic Bo at that time was not yet played with dice as we know it today, because at that time the dice that had 6 sides in the form of a cube had not yet been created.

So, at that time martial arts experts made dice from various materials, including seashells, small animal bones, and stones. They then carved marks on these objects and used them to play, much like modern players use dice.

Over time, from the special games of elite martial arts experts, Sic Bo slowly began to find its way into the general public. In the end, this game gained mass popularity in China and the wider Asian region.

During its long history, Sic Bo has also gone by a number of different names in different parts of China. Some of them are like Dai Siu which means Dice Bowl, and Tai Sai which means Dice Pair. Although some regions use different names, the gameplay and the rules are the same.

Modern Sic Bo Era

Despite its slightly slow development in the West, the game became very commercially popular in Asia. In the 1960s casinos in Macau started offering Sic Bo live on the main gaming floor, right next to big games like baccarat and roulette. From here Sic Bo quickly became the second highest-earning game in Macau casinos and only lost to baccarat.

The success of Sic Bo in Asia immediately attracted the interest of casinos in Las Vegas. Some of them started to introduce Sic Bo in a special room for gamblers or guests who came from China.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the game really became part of the main floors of casinos in Vegas. Especially when China’s economic growth caused wealthy tourists to flock to Las Vegas.

Sic Bo was so successful that non-Asian gamblers also started to like it, and casinos across America quickly followed the trend.

Meanwhile, in England, Sic Bo did not experience growth as fast as America, because, for some time, this game was categorized as an illegal activity in Queen Elizabeth’s country. It wasn’t until 2002, with the amendments to the Gambling Act, that Sic Bo started to find its place in casinos across the UK.

Today, Sic Bo has grown rapidly from its beginnings as a game for the relaxation of martial arts experts, to become one of the most popular gambling games. Although Sic Bo remains more popular in Asia than elsewhere, that doesn’t mean Sic Bo doesn’t have its own fans in other parts of the world.

The development of the internet and the advent of the online version of Sic Bo has also brought about major changes to all gambling activities. Today, Sic Bo is one of the fastest-growing online gambling games, second only to roulette.

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5 Rich Gambling Gods in the World

Most people get rich from careers and businesses. However, not a few in this world are rich because they are the gods of gambling.

The world of gambling has always been considered controversial, especially for those who live in Indonesia. These activities are prohibited by law in this country.

Come to think of it, and the downsides were enormous. Although winning can generate a lot of money, if you lose, we experience the opposite. Or we could even become suddenly poor because of gambling.

However, that didn’t seem to apply to these five people. Being the god of gambling can bring them abundant wealth.

The Richest site has gathered several people who have succeeded in increasing their coffers of money through gambling. Are you curious to know who? Come see the reviews here:

  1. Bobby Baldwin

bobby baldwin

This poker player is predicted to have a fortune of US $ 15 million or the equivalent of Rp. 217 billion. This man had won the 1978 World Series of Poker Main Event and made the US $ 210,000 after beating Ken Smith, Jesse Alto, and Buck Buchanan.

In 1979, he returned to the same event and earned the US $ 10 thousand from gambling.

Apart from his profession as a gambler, Baldwin is a senior in another company. In 1982, he served as a consultant at the Golden Nugget Casino.

Two years later, he was appointed chairman of the gambling company, until finally MGM Mirage in 2000.

  1. Chris Moneymaker

The name alone is quirky. No wonder he is one of the most famous gambling gods in the world.

The name Chris Bryan Moneymaker, his ancestors, were craftsmen of gold and silver coins. They came from Germany, and because their name was Nurmacher, when they arrived in America, they changed their name to Moneymaker.

The man from Tennessee, United States, is an accounting graduate from the University of Tennessee. He also worked as a financial manager at a well-known company.

His penchant for gambling made him divorce his wife. However, Chris made a fortune from gambling at the World Series of Poker and several other tournaments in 2003.

Reportedly, he has total assets of up to the US $ 16 million or equivalent to Rp 231 billion.

  1. Jonathan Duhamel

jonathan duhamel

This god of gambling with a total wealth of US $ 32 million or Rp. Four hundred sixty-three billion comes from Canada. He is also very young, being born in 1987.

He managed to beat John Racener in the No-Limit Hold’em World Championship and managed to earn the US $ 8.9 million in 2010.

However, a year later, he had an unfortunate incident. His house was robbed, and Duhamel was badly beaten. At that time, he lost his Rolex watch and the money of US $ 150 thousand.

However, he again won the High Roller for One Drop championship with a profit of US $ 3.9 million in 2015. And in High Roller No-Limit Hold’em, he made a profit of 554,395 Euros.

  1. Ray Bitar

United States businessman in the gambling sector who has been arrested by the police several times.

The CEO of Full Tilt Poker has allegedly pocketed a fortune of US $ 40 million or Rp. 579 billion. The gambling company was founded with several colleagues who are none other than the famous poker champions, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

Full Tilt is the second largest online poker gambling site in Uncle Sam’s country, which operated from 2004 to 2011, before being closed by authorities due to a scandal with a bank, money laundering, and illegal gambling.

Bitar is facing 145 years in prison for his activities. It’s scary too!

  1. Nigel Page and Justine Laycock

In 2010, the pair became the richest lottery winners in the UK, winning £ 56 million. Only through the lucky dip at EuroMillions can he be that smart.

Uniquely, after they won the lottery, he immediately started a property development company and started a business there. They also eventually moved into a luxury home after changing their standard of living.

There are five rich gambling gods in the world. Some of them are rich from the game; some are rich from their business.

What do you think about their story? Is it inspiring?

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Victory Casino Cruise Ships Have Various Facilities That Make You Comfortable

Luxurious impression, filled with delicious culinary by showing exciting tourist attractions attached to cruise ship tours.

Along with this impression, the perception of expensive is connected to this tour. The next thing that makes not a few people think twice to try cruise tours.

In fact, in addition to the unique tourist cruise ships also offer not a little profit. With various facilities owned by cruise ships, you don’t have to bother thinking about some things that may not be found in other types of tourism. We will also be spoiled with the service that will make us feel special. What are the facilities on the cruise ship? Here are some of them.


By boarding a cruise ship, you do not need to worry about digging hotels every time you switch cities or countries. Because luxury rooms with the ease of five-star hotels are already on board, prices obtained by staying on a cruise ship can also be lower compared to if you have to move hotels. Because, when not a few travelers arrive, hotel prices in an area can increase rapidly. Not to mention there is a risk that you cannot get an ideal hotel because it is full.

Various Food Menu

Dozens of restaurants will serve delicious and delectable food with different menus that are ready to spoil the tongue. Almost all food, drinks and convenience on cruise ships can be enjoyed free of charge.


Most trips on overseas cruises provide casino-like entertainment facilities to merely play and drain all the time business friends or other, other opponents on board. Besides you can play casino on this cruise ship, you can also enjoy other conveniences.

Swimming Pool and Water Sports Facilities

The јugа swimming pool is provided as a recreational location to drain the family’s relaxed time or business friends as a choice as well as the sight of the sea.

If you are saturated continuously inside the ship, some cruise ship services also provide natural water sports outside the boat which can be enjoyed like sunbathing at sea, diving, or just snorkeling.


Various shows have weight quality is served for all cruise ship passengers to pamper their trip to make it memorable and exciting. The shows that are provided are varied. There are orchestras, live music, ice skating shows, dance shows, and others.

Body care

For all women and men who are pampering the body or caring for the organization, cruise ships provide tranquil spa and massage, hair care, nails, and more to relax your body parts for a moment from a variety of tiring activities.


Guests will be increasingly spoiled by a row of shops offering branded goods on cruise ships. The overall feeling is that you don’t buy things to buy souvenirs for your family or as a memento of a trip with a cruise ship.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are not a few other facilities that we can get when we take a cruise ship tour. Here you will find general entertainment in one place, yes without a binding itinerary and without bothering to move hotels or packing suitcases.

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14 Casinos Near Sihanoukville Beach – Cambodia and Crowded With Visitors

Many European tourists come to this country to feel one of the seven peculiarities of the world, namely Angkor Wat.

However, in addition to having one of the 7 characteristics of the world, the State of Cambodia is also famous for casino tourism.

Casino-casino in Cambodia has a legal license to carry out its business work. Thailand and Vietnam border the average place of the casino in Cambodia. Therefore, visitors from casino-casino are dominated by residents of Thailand and Vietnam.

As you know, the State of Thailand does not legalize gambling in the country to the extent that its people who enjoy gambling entertainment choose to gamble in other countries. Meanwhile, Vietnam, which has legalized the casino, does not allow its citizens to bet in the country.

In Cambodia, the area that is familiar with casino tours is Sihanoukville, which is in the coastal city of Cambodia. Next, we will discuss 14 casinos at Sihanoukville Cambodia that are familiar and very often visited.

1) Holiday Palace Casino

Located on Victory Beach (Victory Beach) Has More Than 100 Rooms, Lots of Online Video Features. Starbuck Lokal, Indonesian Restaurant, and has a restaurant located on a beautiful stretch of beach. Online Workers and Casino Workers from Indonesia, There Are Many Once There. So we won’t feel a lack of friends when working at Holiday Palace Casino

2) Fortuna Casino

Fortuna Casino Has Hotels That Are Indoor, Lots of Online Chinese Origin Workers Located in the Beautiful Casino Located Near Ocheteaul Beach and Serendipity Beach. If we know the statue of a golden lion, turn right we will find this Fortuna Casino.

3) Kampongson City Casino

Not much different from hotels in Sihanoukville. The hotel offers casino entertainment of choice for all local tourists, especially those from the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. Cheap enough for one night rental in this hotel. Many Bule also come here, even though there is no swimming pool, but an easy and affordable location makes tourists happy to stay here, of course, close to the Lucky Ocean (local supermarket) and night entertainment around the golden lion statue

4) Sokha Casino

Having the Full Name Sokha Vegas Casino, This Big Casino Is an Expansion of Sokha Resort in Sihanoukville Having Beautiful Hotel Rooms Like Angels Down from Khayangan. There are also seafood restaurants on the beach front

5) Bai Mai Resort Casino

Located in the Front Exactly Ocheteaul Beach, This Casino Is Not Available on Google Maps. So We Have To Go There To See How Beautiful This Casino Is Although Buildings Are Old, But Still Comfortable For Visiting

6) Golden Royal Hotel

Located In Front Of Hawaii’s Sihanoukville Beach, This Casino Presents Beautiful Views. Do you know that for office rentals here we have to spend 4000 USD? But it is excellent to make the office because it can load 30 people once, at work, many Chinese origin workers flock to rent at this casino hotel.

7) Lion City Casino

There is nothing special with casinos located in Ocheteaul Beach. Simple buildings become their attraction. The first time we enter we will be presented with online sports betting promo from a local Cambodian website. Looking Inside Is Pretty Lonely When We Go Into This Casino.

8) Diamond Sea Casino

This Is A Heaven and A Second Home For Indonesian Workers, This Casino Accommodates More Than 1000 People Working Here, And 25% Are Indonesian. Development and Development of Office Online Around Casino That Quickly Makes Investors of China and Cambodia Race to Make This Casino the No. 1 in Sihanoukville. Casino located on Victory Hill or the intersection of Sihanoukville entrance is no one playing the casino there. There Are Only Online Workers From Chinese, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

9) Golden Sea Casino

Indeed No Foreigner with Golden Sea Hotels and Casino. Golden Sea Is Also The Best Place In Natural Landscape Beauty and Sea Views. This Casino Is Also The Largest Based Betting Website in Indonesia. If we work in Sihanoukville, you must know.

10) Queenco Casino

Located in front of Victory Beach. This Casino Offers Beautiful Ocean Views, What’s More Now In Queenco Tower. Special Office for Workers and Online Gambling Websites from Various corners of the World. Office Prices Ranging From 3000 – 5000 USD.

11) Golden Island Casino

Located in front of the Exact Golden Sand Hotel and located close to Ocheteul Beach. This Casino used to be Bernama Koh Meah Guesthouse. Office Online Prices Here Are Also Fairly Cheap 2000 USD We Have Got Office Rooms, Electricity and Water Included.

12) The Rich Resort Casino

The casino that is located near Queenco is nothing special because it is a small but luxurious casino. The price of Office is also 1800 USD. But It Is Very Small And Less Comfortable For Working Online

13) Majestic Casino & Hotel

Casino development is quite fast. Most Chinese workers are working here. The primary language is Mandarin as an official conversation at a casino that is adjacent to the Diamond Sea Casino.

14) Shanghai Casino

In September 2015, Sihanoukville Owned the Latest Casino, Shanghai Casino, Located Around the Golden Lion Statue Adjacent to Fortuna Casino. And in front of the Giant Ibis Bus Terminal.

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Singapore’s Top Lottery Game Means to Get Lots of Money

Getting no little money easily and in short periods without the need for hard work. Surely not a few people will be interested and interested.

However, is there a technique to get money quickly and easily? Of course there is. Namely by playing Singapore lottery gambling facilities. This lottery gambling is not just a lottery gambling in Singapore. You also don’t need to go to Singapore to play this lottery gambling. This gambling is one type of online lottery gambling game. when you go to an online lottery gambling site, you will find not a few types of online gambling games like Hong Kong and Singapore lottery.

Singapore Lottery The Most Popular Means

As among the types of lottery online. Singaporean logger is popular. The reason why this lottery is not much favored is that the technique and rules for playing lottery gambling are quite easy. A player only needs to predict numbers and if lucky to get a prize. Prizes submitted are multiples of the value of the bet. Each dealer will submit a prize that is contradictory depending on the intelligence of each site. Therefore, if you have an interest in playing this lottery gambling, try to choose a trusted online gambling website.

Big Bonus Awaits

Another reason why you are thirsty for choosing a trusted Singapore lottery gambling website is because a trusted lottery website will give you not a little bonus. As a trusted lottery gambling website, of course a site will have a large turnover and dividend. That is why a trusted site is a great site. Also, trusted websites are often not stingy bonuses. In order to escort the members and find new members, they will give a bonus that is not small and promises to its members.

Early Member Bonus to Loyal Member

The bonus submitted by the Singapore gambling website is reliable. If we have just registered as a member on an online gambling site, then you will be spoiled with not a little bonus. The first and first bonus that will be given is a deposit bonus. A new member of the online gambling website will be given capital by the dealer. This initial capital is capital for you to play. This initial bonus is also a welcome greeting submitted by the dealer for you as a new member. This initial bonus will certainly be included as the remaining deposit.

Most Singapore lottery gambling websites certainly don’t want to lose. If the dealer only gives a bonus without the exact criteria the dealer will only be a target for bad players to be able to play free online gambling. Therefore, many bookies will decide the rules for using the bonus balance. Usually, bookies will ask us to work on the original deposit before we can claim the remaining bonus.

Do not worry. If this is our first deposit as a Singapore lottery gambling player on the website then you will get a bonus rain. those of us who do the deposit one time will be given a cashback bonus that will go into your rest. so, on your first deposit, you will find that you have increased a lot. This is because the bookie will give you a bonus as a welcome word for you and cashback because you are working on your deposit. Also applies to the third second deposit and so on. It’s just that the value of the cashback submitted will certainly decrease.

Every new member will eventually become an old member. So, is the bonus still there? The answer is certainly there. Even loyal members will get a daily bonus. This bonus is also submitted in the deposit balance format. Old members who faithfully play on a Singapore lottery gambling site will get a daily bonus each time they place a bet. And, if you regularly spread our referral link and successfully get a downline, surely you will get revenue from the bookie. The trick is to invite your colleagues to join and enter the referral code that will be submitted by the dealer for you. each time our downline wins then you will have the right or distribution of the results of the desk money from the dealer rather interesting right? So what are you waiting for?

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7 Beautiful Women Poker Players in the World Who Make You Fail to Focus

Poker is a type of card game that is very popular in the world. In addition to being easy to play, Poker can also make players addicted when playing. Poker is usually played by all men, but it turns out that a number of women are also experienced playing Poker. this woman.

Besides being beautiful, these women are also experienced and are among the professional poker players in the world. Their achievements in poker matches that were once held were fairly good. Amazingly, they succeeded in sending hundreds to millions of dollars just by playing Poker! only the woman? following the full discussion. At They are also referred to as the most beautiful and professional female poker players.

1. Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree is known by the nickname “The Iron Maiden,” this beautiful British woman began her professional Poker career at a relatively easy age of 20 years. Besides being good at playing Poker, Liv is a Bachelor of Physics from the University of Manchester, and also works as a model and TV presenters. Throughout his career, he has successfully raised millions of dollars from many Poker matches, including the European Poker Tour at Sanremo in 2010, the prestigious Bellagio (Las Vegas) Poker Tournament, and the 2014 World Poker Tournament.

2. Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu, this beautiful and sexy woman now lives in Canada, and no one ever suspected she was a talented female poker player. The peak of her career was when she finished third in the European Poker Tour at Sanremo in 2010, with total victory
worth 1.5 million dollars

3. Maria Ho

This Taiwanese woman who now lives in California has a wealth of more than US $ 2.5 million from her income playing poker. Amazingly, she is the third best female poker player in the world. Today, Ho Ho concludes to quit the world of Poker and focus more on the family. However, he is still often found in many Poker matches in California, not as a player but as a presenter.

4. Scott

This Canadian-born woman began her career as a commentator and became the host of the best Poker Night Live awards. Scott has played in a number of Poker World tournaments such as Wold Woman’s Open at Maidstone, Star Sport Challange, World of Series Of Poker and WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas with the total number of wins in the entire tournament reaches 550,000 dollars.

5. Beth Shak

This beautiful woman who looks like a teenage girl turned out to be born in 1969. Before becoming a professional player, Beth Shak has been known as a designer, actress, model and owner of shoe company Beth Shak Couture. Beth is a professional American poker player who has played since 2004. had played at the World Series of Poker, Playboy’s Poker Tournament, “Aces & Angels”. His biggest win in 2009 successfully won 500 thousand dollars. Despite his fondness for playing poker, he also actively collected money for many charity activities.

6. Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle is a book author, singer, songwriter, and a film actress from southern California. She started her career as a professional Poker player in 2005 when she participated in a number of charity Poker tournaments. Michelle got her fame when she was successful as the last woman of the 6,844 players at the 2008 World Series of Poker, he won US $ 334,534 in the prestigious competition and finished 17th. His name has been widely recognized since he entered the Top 20 Hottest Celebrity Poker Players in Maxim magazine.

7. Sofia Lovgren

Sofia Lovgren, a young woman from Sweden. Her young age is around 20 years, and has started playing poker since graduating from high school. She is a member of the PKR Pro team and became the first woman to join around the past 2 years. Sofia was once the first woman to occupy the top 10 strongest positions.

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7 Countdown to Most Unique Poker Bets in the World

Not a tournament is also rich in real players’ lives. The most unique bet between familiar poker players is in our discussion.

The beginning of the fall in the most productive poker world for many events. First of all, this is the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), which was just finished at PokerStars. But it’s not just a tournament that is rich in the lives of real players. Recently, for example, it was possible to research with full interest in the growth of a dispute between Bertand Grospellier and Yevgeny Kachalov, followed by Frenchmen having to learn Russian. Betting requirements that you can find easily on our website – material on this topic are not infrequently recently published in the stream. Plus, with the arrival of new tournaments, we look forward to the most interesting different disputes. That is, in the world of poker tour (WPT), those from Malta, Tony G and Phil Hellmuth will check which of them in a better physical format. In this matter they will help competition in three different sports disciplines. The last two events encouraged me to look at and tell you a number of bets that are very unique and unusual in the world of professional poker.

1) Haircut from the champion (bald head)

Who to start with, not with Phil Hellmuth, when it comes to something unusual in the poker world. And everything was developed to match PokerBrat’s classic story: the 12 WSOP bracelets in their style criticized the game between their opponents. “Today is Robert’s day, let him feel 10-15 minutes of luck!” This phrase literally unfolded in his speech by Robert Varkonya, with whom they sat at the same table. Phil is most convinced that opponents don’t shine in this tournament, that in the matter of victory he promises to cut baldness. It was in 2002 at the WSOP main event, which traditionally attracted not a few amateurs. And it must have happened that this tournament was won by newcomer Varko.

“Of all the pros I know I don’t like, but I shaved it, and to this day not a few people thank me for that use.” After this sentence, the new champion pops up immediately becomes clear what happened to Helmut’s hair.

2) Beef steak per million

Have you ever thought that a piece of, say, lamb meat would cost a million dollars? No, it’s not us who won 8 bracelets from the World Series of Poker. “A real man cannot live without meat!” That one sentence from Tom Dwan was enough for Phil Ivey to make the biggest bet. A man who is considered to be a number of people as the best poker player of all time and people, has agreed to become a vegetarian throughout the year. After realizing a strong desire, Ivy can rely on seven-digit compensation. However, Phil is a “real man” and pays for it. Gus Hansen, by the way, in the comments for this clash wrote that he was offered to give up 2 million about a year of worldly pleasures. Dane refused, seeing that the amount was not big enough. Well, who cares more.

3) Copenhagen Walrus

There are people who do not pick up cold or ice water. Congratulations to the horse health owner. So, these people are Peter Eastgate, who is very remembered by poker enthusiasts from Russia. He was the one who left us Ivan Demidov in 2008 at the stage of the bracelet from the WSOP Main Event. This time, he concluded to make money not on poker ability, but on his body.

He would wear $ 6,000 in clothing to jump into cold water at the port of the Brygge Islands, which was in the center of the Danish capital, and then in his two jumps to the house. Of course, when it’s in winter, when else. 4.3 km distance through wet Peter resolved in 20 minutes and received a reward that is indeed worthy. To witness how he will do the same trick, but only in our winter situation in Russia!

4) Tattoo with the best friend

Sometimes we think about how you will explain so many phenomena from life to our children or grandchildren. And I am most interested in how Joe Sebok and Jeff Medsen will say why they tattooed “some incomprehensible men” on their bodies. And that is all about gambling for all players. In between the Los-Angeles Poker Classic series, the company from Gavin Smith and the two players pronounced above conclude to arrange the most unusual bets. The point is that all three must “start” in the same tournament, and the first one to fly, “cram” photos of the remaining two. The second one that has taken off can give its limits to describe just one person. At the end of the tournament, the highest was Smith, and his two friends had to dig up a suitable tattoo salon.

5) Laak, Esfandiari, and swimming pool in the casino

Peter Eastgate is not the only member of the poker community who must dive into ice water. However, in this matter, “divers” Esfandiari did not receive a cent for his actions. Antonio created a bet with Phil Laak on whom of the players chosen by them in the form of head-up tournaments would be higher. Is Irish familiar, annoying, or is it just that they have special talent for poker, but that doesn’t change the nature of the problem. Based on information from the conditions of the clash, Esfandiari must jump from the bridge to the pond filled with ice water. In addition, it happened in front of random people who were lucky enough that night to go through the Playground Poker Club. Iranians were lucky that Laak did not force him to run anywhere, like Eastgate.

6) Run, Ashton, run!

Someone uses horse racing, someone with a dog, someone really likes only cockroach races. Professional poker players are more interested in this plan than how their friends run around. Whether Ashton Griffin will run 70 miles (about 112 kilometers) in 24 hours – that’s the question. The price of the problem is 300 or 600 thousand dollars, depending on who wins the dispute. It was a bet decided between the player pronounced above and his friend, who, by the way, was the best online player, Hasib Kureshi. Do we think Ashton is serious about preparing the test, getting into a coach and on a diet? There is no such thing! Before the test day, he successfully hung out and went to the concert, leaving only 4 hours to sleep. But it didn’t matter, he succeeded, keeping a reserve of 45 minutes and enriched by almost a third of a million.

7) To all nations

Some players have confidence in their own right that they are ready to bet on one tournament against all countries! This is the WSOPE 2010 Main Event winner, James Borde. The British are most confident about the superiority of European players over America who before the start of the WSOP Europe promised to reverse all chance betting losers to € 500 if America won. The very interesting thing is that in 2011 the main event was given to Elio Fox, a representative from the United States

As we have seen, the existence of poker players is full of many events and interesting. But it doesn’t need to be a number of Phil Ivey to pick up everything we can take in this life. It is only necessary to do your favorite thing and try to find everything that happens near maximum pleasure.

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Investment Can Not Based on Feeling! Investment Without Research is Like “Playing Cards But Not Playing Cards”

If in 2014, we have $ 100,000 and invested in shares of the bank type. If you purchase Standard Chartered Bank (, you now have an insufficient market value of 50,000 yuan. However, if you make a purchase of Hang Seng Bank (, then your stock market value is about 130,000 yuan.

Both are familiar banks in Hong Kong and their market value may change more than once in less than three years. This shows that in the investment world, small decisions have significantly affected your performance. In fact, by 2014, we need to watch Standard Chartered Bank’s annual report and Hang Seng Bank to review it. Maybe we can see the instructions.

Standard Chartered Bank’s 2013 annual report indicates that business growth has been stagnant, earnings and profits have fallen for the first time in more than a decade, bad debts have soared, and international bank investment has failed. This is a difficult problem. On the other hand, Hang Seng, the Czech Republic favorable increased, and shareholder returns remained high. In almost all aspects, it was much better than Standard Chartered. I believe that around people want to analyze, we can get a better option.

Investment can not be felt

Peter. The Forest District writes that “If you work on investing without doing research, you’re playing poker and we’re not watching cards.” I think everyone in the game is just aspiring that they will not be watching an opponent, not themselves. Therefore, working on a good analysis will definitely improve the performance of investors. But the question has arisen, how can we be considered a good analytical activity?

In the stock market, there are so many investors who use the opposite method of choosing a stock. Some people listen to technical analysis, ie, trade through historical price movements. Some people choose stocks according to effective market hypotheses, that is, stock prices fully reflect the value, and this paper will concentrate on discussing the method of choosing shares called “value investments”. The

In value investing, the majority of the time focuses on fundamental analysis (analyzing firm value from the financial and operational aspects), and the difference between value and price. It’s like a private sale and purchase company, each buyer will struggle as best as possible to know everything about the company. For example, if you were to buy a restaurant, you would certainly see nearby restaurants, closest restaurant likenesses, how long the rent, rent, the need to re-decorate, and the staff and the process. How is that, and how much revenue and its cost before? The

In fact, the fundamental analysis of the stock may be almost the same as the one above, and it’s all about knowing the company. Of course, because of scale or industry, listed companies are sometimes more complicated, but the purpose is the same.

Fundamental analysis of a company is an important step in value investing, the main benefit is to assess the value of the company and assure its quality. When there is a rough estimate of the value of a business, the value of the investor can be compared to the market price, which is very different from the private market. The listed companies have market prices, but like Charlie. Mengge said:

“Only half the price of a company is fact, but the other half is the person’s point of view.”

So perhaps you will pursue that there is a big gap between the price that is delivered by the market relative to the value of the company. And when you pursue this gap, you can not buy it immediately. After all, you should know that there are certain propositions for the market to give up this price, it may have a large number of convertible bonds, perhaps the industrial market is dim, perhaps the market is in a panic. No matter what the reason is, everyone needs to know the reason for the disaster and avoid losing money because they do not understand it. It’s like Buffett:

“In the game, if you still do not know who dish in half an hour, then you are a dish.”

If we understand the proposition behind the shame and still believe in the value of the company, you can buy it. But after you buy it, you must know that value will change, so remember that if something creates a change of value, you should evaluate home and make decisions when needed. The value-investing process is probably the same thing.

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