Know the Types of Online Roulette Gambling Betting

Written on January 26, 2021   By   in Casino Online, Pro Tips

Roulette is a game that you should not miss when you are in a casino. A very classic and elegant Roulette table makes gambling lovers love to play this game. The name Roulette itself comes from the Italian language which means “little wheel”.

This game where a wheel has numbers 0-36 and each number has a pocket and is red or black. The wheel will be rotated and after that the ball will be thrown in the opposite direction to the spinning wheel.

History of the Development of Roulette Gambling

Initially the Roulette wheel was invented by accident by a scientist named Blaise Pascal. Pascal’s original purpose for making this wheel was to conduct research in the 1700s. After that the Roulette wheel became gambling by the French nobles.

In 1800, appeared a book by Jacques Lablee entitled la roulette, ou le jour. Thanks to this book, the game of Roulette became famous and eventually spread throughout the world. These are the times when the Roulette wheel is global.

Number 0 on the Roulette Wheel

Initially this game was created with numbers 1 – 36. However, over time, this wheel was modified so that there was a number 0. After that, when it developed in America, the Roulette gambling game was modified again so that there was an additional number 00.


This makes players prefer to play Roulette in Europe than in America because the chances of winning are getting smaller thanks to the emergence of the number 00.

Types of Bet in Roulette

One of the other strong reasons this game has become so popular is that it has 11 different types of bets. Bettors have many options for placing bets according to instinct. In the game of Roulette, there are two ways to play whether its outside or inside bets that you can see arranged on the Roulette green table. The following types of bets are available:

Straight Up

This type of bet is an inside bet. The payout offered on this type of bet is also very high, namely 1:35. The way this bet works is when you choose to place only one number from the numbers in Roulette, namely 0 – 36.

Split Up

This type of bet is where you place a bet between two adjacent numbers. For example, you want to place a bet on the numbers 10 & 11, then you only have to place a bet in the middle of the number.

If the Roulette wheel falls between those numbers, then you will get paid 1:17 of the value bet.


This bet is almost the same as the type of split up bet. The difference is that this time you have to place a bet on three adjacent numbers. If you win, you will get paid 1:11.


This time the bet will be placed between 4 adjacent numbers. The trick is to put the chip in the corner where the four numbers meet. If you win this type of bet, you will get paid 1:8.

6 Lines

As the name implies, this type of bet is when you place a bet on six numbers. If you win this bet then you will get paid 1:5


In the Roulette table there are several squares that represent each place on each number. This column type bet will pay out 1:2 if it is won. The percentage of guessing this bet is very high so it is easy to win.


There are 3 packs of dozens of numbers in the Roulette game. Your task is only to choose one of the 3 dozen. If you win, the payout you will get is 1:2.

Red or Black

In the Roulette table there are only two colors, namely red and black. As the name implies, this type of bet you only have to guess whether the wheel will stop at red or black. The probability of winning of this bet type is 50%. If you win in this type of bet then you will be paid 1:1.

Odds or Even

Almost the same as the bet above, this type of bet is that you only have to choose the wheel to stop at an odd or even number. The probability of this odd-even bet is also 50%. If you win in this bet then the payout is 1:1.

Low or High

In this type of bet, all numbers on the Roulette table are divided into two parts, namely small (1-18) or large (19-36). If you want to play this bet, you only have to choose a small or big bet. The payout is 1:1 with a 50% winning percentage.