Why Entrepreneurs Must Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Written on July 4, 2018   By   in Poker Terpercaya

I also will not play Texas Hold’em Poker poker, I suggest you find friends from meetings to learn. Then spend the night every night to experience the game. Direct experience – there are many on the Internet. Game Defu, but that’s a lot of experience with live versions. There are too many lessons related to entrepreneurship in this game, it’s hard to describe it to you, it can only be said that every entrepreneur must personally and deeply understand it.

Texas Hold’em is a simple rule, but the play process is very complicated. Don’t forget to check daftar judi online for future and detail reference.

Beginning each round each player will get the first two cards, then the dealer will in turn pull out three, one, one card on the seabed, the main purpose is to compare the hands of two cards each, and Combination of the five cards on the seabed, which can create the best “five”. In this process, every time the card is distributed or deflected, everyone will bet. Every round of bets can improve the bargain chip, Others can decide whether to follow, improve, or give up. The last winner can only eat all the chips on the seabed.

Therefore, the center of the game is full of probabilities, the calculation of investment returns, and the observation of human nature from the same player. For an entrepreneur, you can imagine that two cards in hand are your “product” and the card on the seabed is “market,” so your job is to find “Market-Product Matches” and win rewards. Home

And if you are a “smart businessman”, the strategy here is to use the lowest “cost” (note) to see the three cards that first made upside bets, because these 2+ 3 cards basically determine your fate 70%. So when you have the money when the agent competitor pulls out before the first card on the next big bet, you often choose to “get out”, which allows them to fight to the death, it’s like when Google and Firefox in the market are not clear At that time, lots of money to try “Web OS”. Of course, being a smart entrepreneur will certainly avoid such a market.

The sweetest of no more than the card in your hand is obviously not very good, for example, the two 3 you spend on the lowest cost to see the flop, but the turn out is two other 3 cases this MVP wants to find Product-Fit Market, the next war, otherwise too many accidents, you might be playing pig eating tiger, killing another Pianjiabuliu – you can listen to me, because I find myself next is this Strategy won the championship in the NYA Stern Charity Poker Contest 2005.

Because the “market” ultimately determines your destiny, you do not have to waste too much money on your product, no matter how good your product looks (before both A). All games should only start after learning about the market. Entrepreneurship is the same, the market will ultimately decide you will not succeed, so your job is actually not “make (in my opinion) the best product,” Your real job is “lower cost to understand the market,” understand “Is there a match between my products and the market? ”

So taking six months to make a product and then pushing it to the market after it’s done is a very bad gambling habit because it’s like if the dealer has not pulled the seafloor before, you’ve “Shuttle” equal to one-third of the pile (assuming you’ve set 18 months food). If money is not a priority, at least you think about your life, how many six months can be wasted on “unknown” products.

A good entrepreneur should be “obsessed” with the market, and use every effort to know “early” market preferences, because the sooner you know that the chips you bet on will be lower you can have before the shortage of grain. The more you try (and learn).

Saying so much is not as good as your own personal experience. This weekend, find some friends and you’ll be “in tune with!”